Once I got the oven going, a lamb was a roasting

I’m on a bit of a health kick at the moment. I’m trying to move more, eat more fruit and vegies, and drink less calories (be it alcohol, cordial, or milk).

So a roast is an easy way to have lots of yummy vegies. And a roast almost always involves cauliflower cheese. I mean while the ovens on why not bake more. Cauliflower cheese is always a comfort food. A white cheese sauce (with nutmeg obviously) over cauliflower and broccoli and then set in the oven.

Add that with some garlic, potato, and pumpkin which was par-boiled then set in the oven with some garlic olive oil for good measure.

Then the lamb, which was close to the best lamb cutlets I’ve ever cooked.

I rubbed rosemary and garlic olive oil over the skin. Browned it in a pan and then set it in the oven. After about 40 minutes I took it out and placed it in alfoil. So really I just did everything tv chefs tell you to do. And guess what! It worked.
So it may not be ‘diet friendly’ but definitely big on vegetables (and taste).





4 thoughts on “Once I got the oven going, a lamb was a roasting

    1. You’ve never had cauliflower cheese!!!
      You haven’t lived.

      Well ok maybe that’s an overreaction, but seriously cauliflower cheese is one of my favourite foods. It’s definitely worth a try.

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