A moment of genius

My rissole recipe, but instead of breadcrumbs crushed potato crisps.

It’s never going to win a weight watchers recipe contest, but it was very tasty. Rissoles taste better the next day in a sandwich, but that’s if they last that long.

basic rissoles
Put all these ingredients in a bowl
500g mince, 1 egg, 1 slice bread soaked in water, 1 diced onion, 1 squeeze of BBQ sauce, salt & pepper
Get squelchy and mix all together, hands work great.
(always make sure that you prepare the breadcrumbs/crushed potato crisps before you start mixing. It makes it easier)

Make into patty shapes. Coat in crushed potato crisps.

Put into fridge for about half an hour.

Give to the gentleman friend to cook on the barbecue. (I’m hopeless at pan frying these.)






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2 thoughts on “A moment of genius

    1. My old man doesn’t like onions. So whenever mum used to make these, at the end of the meal there would be a pile of onions left on the corner of the plate.

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