Pastels everywhere

Have I mentioned that next weekend I’m in Melbourne?
I probably should have because it will be the first time my Gentleman Friend and I have left the state in 2 years.

So I’m pretty excited. We’re going over to see The Shins!
Which is pretty exiting in itself.

The first birthday present I bought for my boy was a Shins wallet. It is freaking cool, but it was retired just before it was about to break. I have a feeling it may make it out of retirement for a weekend.

So I’ve been making lists and preparing.

I’ve also realised that my sister-in-law is due in another month. I swear she had at least 6 more to go, so I’ve dedicated very knitting minute to a baby’s blanket.
It’s another 10 stitch blanket.

I’m particularly fond of pastels at the moment.




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