The blanket of doom!

Ok. These Friday posts are turning into a Dr Seuss story (here’s me knitting on a train, here’s me knitting on a plane, would you like green eggs and ham).

So here are some knitting goodies that I found the other weekend.
My local second hand shop has just closed. It’s on the way home between the train station and home, and I always look at the pretty things in the window.

I’ve bought some pretty tea cups, and my tea pot from there.
It’s been there as long as I can remember. But it’s closing so I had one last look through.

And I found some hidden treasures.




Aren’t they wonderful?

It reminds me of that great scene from coupling when the ladies are describing a man’s hottest on a scale. Knitting pattern guy is quite high on the scale.

And of course here are the obligatory updates on the baby blanket.



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8 thoughts on “The blanket of doom!

  1. I tried to think of a comment involving “Sam I am” but couldn’t think of a good one.

    I like the title of one of those pieces: “Thick Knits.” A terrible title, really. Especially for women’s clothing.

    1. I really think after another week of knitting this blanket all I will have is photos of me knitting in various locations. Or me knitting in front of different TV programs.

      1. Ahhh, that’s right. I had forgotten about that. Well in that case, it sounds like it’s time for some creative photoshop work. Postcards from the edge. You knitting the blanket while demons poke you with pitchforks. You knitting the blanket while trying to judge Iron Chef. All those sort of weird knitting nightmares.

  2. hey! knitting backwards is deceptively simple… I’ve used it a bunch of times. I found a youtube video to teach me the basics, but I figured it out from there through repetition. (here’s a good one

    I don’t know how to purl backwards, which is what you’d need for garter stitch (I love your blanket by the way!) – but I’m sure it can be done. good luck!

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