Stuck in my head – The National (now with cushions)

If you watched my video from last week you may have noticed I showed you a finished object that I hadn’t blogged about yet.
So this is a little cushion with two different lyrics from The National on either side.
It’s not a standard shape, mostly because I didn’t realise I was going to make it into a cushion when I was embroidering those song lyrics onto scrap fabric.
Fortunately the scraps were big enough and I could turn them into a cushion.



This is cushion #3 in my 13 in 2013 project.



6 thoughts on “Stuck in my head – The National (now with cushions)

  1. Love the cushion, your embroidery is awesome! Did you draw the design on first or just go straight to the needle and thread?

    1. Yup I draw the design first. That’s not my handwriting. I either print it out or just copy it straight from my laptop.
      The added advantage is all the cool fonts that are out there.

  2. Sudden inspiration!!!!
    I just finished a doll and inspired by you I put a streak of blue yarn hair in its head of strawberry brown. lol I may do it with all my dolls. It felt so liberating and it does look so much cuter this way. The farthest I get myself is a very long braid that people think I should cut off and do a very short bob. Maybe some day……………

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