knitting is awesome

Knitting is trending today due to photos of the Australian Prime Minister being published in Women’s Weekly.
Rather than pick fights with random people on twitter (never a wise idea) I’m channeling my annoyance into reasons why knitting is awesome.

Image links to shorpy

And then I got distracted by pretty yarn and all my anger faded.

Which is the number one reason knitting it awesome. Pretty yarn.

etsy link here
-it’s relaxing
-it’s good for my mental health
-it makes marathoning tv shows somewhat productive
-it makes watching all 5 days of test match cricket somewhat productive
-you can make things while you wait at places
-you can’t fidget and knit at the same time
-you can pretend to save money by making things you see in shops (when really by the time you add up time and yarn$ you haven’t saved anything)
-learning new things
-all the geeky patterns
-the heightened sense of awareness of other people’s knitwear
-other knitters, even if you have nothing else in common there’s knitting
-that smugness whenever you see someone knitting in tv or books
-and for someone who spends her work day on a computer I really like being able to say “I made that”

And the #knittingsongs hash tag.



I love being a knitter



6 thoughts on “knitting is awesome

  1. Knitting really is a plus, plus, plus………………adventure. And it is an adventure in technicolor. One never really knows how it will look until it is finished.

    I never knew there were knitting songs!!! I do think the only thing that keeps marathon programming interesting allowing one to watch it over and over and over again is a good knitting adventure accompanying it.

    1. Haha. Knitting songs is song titles or lyrics but changing the words to being around knitting.
      Like “knitting (on the top of the bay)” instead of “sitting (on the top of the bay)” by Otis Redding

      I think I’ve watched more television since starting knitting. Certainly more marathons. Buffy springs to mind. That was fun to marathon.

      1. lolololol Shows a definite generation gap there. I often think of the reference to bones knitting back together and it as a term of healing so thought possibly it meant healing from a broken heart in some songs as slim as that possibility seemed. lol Glad you cleared that one up just like frogging that I think of as rip-it, rip-it, tip-it now in cadence. The other possibility was songs to listen to while knitting, healing, and relaxing. lol

        I will now frog both those ideas out of my thought processes……………

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