You Am I

I don’t know if You Am I were ever big outside of Australia, but for me they were one of those bands that you couldn’t avoid.
Even though I was never a massive fan they crept into movies I loved, hottest 100 CDs, and high school parties.

They played at the Astor on Sunday night and it was fantastic.







One thought on “You Am I

  1. I’m so glad to hear that it was a great show. You Am I are the only still-operational band I love that I’ve never seen live. Ever! I had really hoped to go but missed out on a ticket to Saturday night – which was also my birthday, and I think would’ve made a great birthday present! (A friend was going to buy us tickets but didn’t and it sold out.) I originally had planned to have my birthday shindig on the Sunday so didn’t buy a ticket to that show either… Long story short, I didn’t go. Booo 😦

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