Song of the week x 3 Pomplamoose, BOY, Haim

There’s three songs of the week this week.

They’ve all been on repeat and I just couldn’t pick between them.

Michmash posted about Pomplamoose which somehow led to BOY which led me back to Haim.

And I haven’t been able to stop listening to any of these songs.

I won’t and you can’t make me.






5 thoughts on “Song of the week x 3 Pomplamoose, BOY, Haim

  1. I love Earth Wind And Fire. I listened to September and liked the Grandma’s dancing. Yow! I remembered it from 1979. Oh dear showing my age.

  2. Yes I did see the Pomplamoose version. It had a groovy grandma dancing! ha ha! Then i looked on itube for some of there other songs. I like a lot of them.

    This is the problem when I am not at work! I do things I don’t usually do.

    1. I haven’t seen the youtube version. Which is why I was really quite confused by the original comment. I’ll have to have a look.

      Some of us do have to work and can’t spent all day watching youtube! (Although obviously I do find the time to reply to comments whilst at work.)

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