5 Happy Things

I’ve been using the tracknshare app for just over 2 months now.
Almost every morning I would go through the same routine of ‘have I taken x medication yet?’, with the associated anxiety of what if I did take it and I take too much or what if I haven’t and what happens then. I also wanted to keep a pain journal so I had some empirical evidence for those days when I was wondering if it is all in my head.

So I test ran a few different apps but tracknshare has really worked for me, mostly because it’s so customisable.

I’m now in the habit of ticking off my medications as I take them, but it also gave me new things to track!


But one of the more challenging items to track is ‘5 Happy Things’. I’m finding it very easy to list all the negative things happening around me so I’m making a deliberate decision to change this. So here are 5 things that have made or are making me happy.

1. We’re picking up a new outdoor setting this afternoon. We’ve been putting off buying one for ages but with summer just around the corner it seemed like a good time. (Side note: Shay [because you read every blog post I might as well just ask you here instead of trying to remember to ask you on twitter] Have you and your lovely wife been over and tried out our beer bottle chute yet? Have I even told you about it? We now have a chute that you pop the empty cans/bottles in and it goes straight in the bin. I live with a clever clever man.)

2. I finished a jigsaw puzzle. It’s a hobby that HWF enjoys and so he started it and had finished the border. Then I had some forced time off work and so worked on it from time to time to stop me from going mad. Now I’ve finished it, he can rip it apart and make it again by his self as he really didn’t appreciate me hijacking his jigsaw. I’m to stick to my own jigsaws from now on. (But look at it I finished a jigsaw puzzle!!)

3. More dyeing! This time I experimented with semi-solids. Pretty soon I’m going to have more yarn than knitting hours left in my lifetime. I really need to find a better supplier than Spotlight though. Unwinding balls of yarn is getting annoying, and 100% DK wool isn’t really my favourite to knit with, but a 50g ball of white is $2 when its on sale.

4. All of the gorgeous knitwear in Outlander. It’s sure a visual feast for the eyes. I can’t believe there’s no more this year though. Although it will give me time to knit one of the many Outlander patterns that have sprung up on Ravelry. Like this cape, or these fingerless mittens.

5. I organised the couch and I counted up my knitting WIPs and only have 8 things on the needles that I don’t intend to frog. Hopefully by tomorrow that will be down to 7. Plus 3 are blankets so they don’t actually count so really that’s just 5 things. And 1 I can’t work on because I need to find the pattern and where I was up to so that takes it down to 4. And one of the scarves is charted and I can’t look down for that long so that’s on indefinite hibernation. Oh whoops I forgot about that one so we’re still at 4. But hey 4 WIPs is really not bad! And now they’re all organised too. Go me!




What are you happy about today?



3 thoughts on “5 Happy Things

  1. Hi Beks,
    No, we haven’t checked out your beer chute yet, but the thought of it has me intrigued and I can’t wait!!
    Loving the new dyes. You know that the real is my favorite 😉
    Hope you’re starting to feel a bit better!

  2. Oof, I had to start doing this because work was grinding me down- I tried to find one thing every day that made me happy or that I felt I did well. it helped!
    Love the yarn, obvs. Like the idea of this beer bottle chute, too. Also- puzzles are awesome.

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