4 day weekend has passed with a whimper

Australia day, we drank Aussie beer, watched cricket, and listened to the hottest 100.


The day after Australia day (hangover day), I resigned myself to my hangover and watched an entire season on My Family and had some quality bonding time with my couch.
Air con was appreciated, particularly as it was pretty hot (42 I think) outside.

Saturday we went shopping for a new tv, and some more lazy viewing.
I bought a crepe maker (guess what we had for dinner) and we watched the Perth Scorchers lose the grand final (boo).




Sunday I finished my sockhead hat, and started a new sock, Scylla.
And started watching series 1 of Buffy. (and since bought the box set). I thought I’d have nightmares about creepy ventriloquist dolls but thank fully I didn’t.




And look what arrived Monday afternoon. The books I thought I’d read on the long weekend.



FO- Toe up socks.

So, toe up socks are awesome.

These waterfall socks were recommended to me by knitting on circular needles when I was having a twitter conversation regarding socks. Now I don’t think I’ll go back. I learnt the turkish cast on for a trio of baby socks for my nephew (I’ll have to show you those, they are adorable), and then went chasing patterns for grown-up toe up socks.

And I love these socks. Albeit they don’t quite match as it took me a while to read the pattern properly. But it won’t take me long to knit up another one. Maybe in a different colour, just for something different (I love odd socks).
And the beauty of toe-up socks is they eliminate one of (what I find) the most annoying parts of a cuff-down sock and that’s picking up all the stiches after you finish turning the heel.
All the information I’ve read about cuff-down socks is that turning the heel is the tricky part, and the rest is straightforward. Well it’s a lie I tell you… Picking up those pesky stiches is very annoying, and it’s always looks like the most unfinished section of my socks.

So toe-up socks is the answer.

The yarn is Moda Vera Noir, in blue. And they’re going to remind me of Christmas, Wuthering Hights, and holidays.





Pretending it’s winter

It’s raining in November. That’s really odd for Perth or even Australia. It’s almost summer and instead of being sunny and hot, it’s wintery and raining.
So I’m using the excuse to cosy up in my trackies and hoodie, make biscuits, and watch the rain.

I cast on the second of the basic training sock for my boyfriend over the weekend so while I’m in a sock mood I want to try and plow through it.

I’m thinking a cosy bowl of pasta will hit the spot as well.








A socking good weekend

Well I’ve kinda finished my Christmas list. That is the list of what everyone’s getting for christmas.

When I say kinda, I mean not really and it’s almost certain to change.

But I did want to make some more socks, so I searched Ravelry for some socks/slippers which could be made using 8ply yarn. Specifically the Moda Vera Marvel I had in my stash.

I found this pattern, and set to work on them Friday night in front of a How I Met Your Mother marathon.

I’m pleased to say I finished them the next morning.

It was some pretty solid knitting, but they were surprisingly quick.

Even more surprisingly they matched!

I don’t know who will be getting them, one of the boys probably as they’re definitely boy sized.
I didn’t actually think they’d fit anyone until my Mister tried them on and they fit perfectly.

Now to make some more.




FO – socks!

I got home from work at 11 o’clock and then slept for the 4 hours I should have been at work.

Once I came through I made my way to the couch.
Fortunately my boy can cook and he took good care of me, making a surf and turf with a side salad.

I also managed to finish off a pair of socks that I had started some time ago. They’re going to be a pair of three because you may notice that they’re different lengths and there’s already a hole in the toe of the first one. But there isn’t a hole in the second one so I’m getting better.

I’m home from work again today, but feeling better. Hopefully well enough to start a new pair of socks and finish off a selection criteria for a job I should apply for.
And trying not to fall asleep so I can get a decent nights sleep tonight.






Friday night is reserved for knitting and mad men

With a couple of stops for beer.

I’m currently knitting a pair of socks out of Moda Vera Noir.
It’s my first pair of socks and it’s probably going to be a pair of three.
The first one didn’t turn out too well – but the second one is coming along better.

Ravelry is awesome. these are basic ribbed socks although for whatever reason, it’s downloaded as Kate’s Training Sock in iBooks.


British Morning Socks

Next knitting project is for a friend who also loves How I Met Your Mother, and will totally appreciate the Ted packing his overnight bag, not with slippers but British Morning Socks. But said friend is also going to England soon to visit family so it’s a pretty good double play on words.

So I was looking through my basic knitting patterns (free download from knitting daily) and thought that the Mocassins looked easy enough.

I used Patons Inca in red and black. And followed the pattern to the letter.
It uses size 8 double pointed needles, so it looks like a sock pretty quickly. And then it switches to size 5 double pointed for that extra bit of detail.
I can’t reproduce the pattern here, but it should be easy enough to find on the Knitting Daily site.

I’m currently doing up a pair for myself in the Moda Cardellino yarn, but you can’t really see the ribbing detail as much with the multi-coloured yarn. I think i’ll have to buy some more Patons Inca, it really is the better yarn for it.

I can see these becoming a standby birthday/christmas present.

I’m giving them to my friend tonight. Hopefully she’ll like them (and get the joke).