Frogging Friday.

I was always taught pride comes before a fall. Mostly through Enid Blyton novels, and Sunday School.

After feeling so chuffed with myself, for thinking I may have been able to make a pair of socks in a week, I failed.
Not just made a tiny correctable mistake, I failed.

I didn’t follow the pattern correctly and had too few stitches in the toe.
To compensate I increased randomly in the foot of the sock. In hindsight this is where I should have started the gusset.
So I started the gusset massively late.
When I tried it on to start the heel I started early (again to compensate). Stuffed up my maths with turning the heel which meant I had one really lopsided heel.

And when I tried it on it was about an inch too big.

So the project got flung across the room and a few expletives hurled at it.

I frogged it back to the toe and started again from there.
6 rounds in I realised that it still looked wrong and I gave up.

The next day I started again from scratch.

Just when I thought I was getting the hang of this and getting cocky I realise the value of slowing down and reading instructions.

When I was in primary school (and occasionally in high school) there was a test. It consisted of a page or 2 of instructions. The first instruction was to read through all the instructions and then follow the instructions.
Usually the instructions were things like ‘stand on your chair’, ‘say or sing something out loud’, ‘turn around 3 times’, but the last instruction always read ‘now that you’ve read all the instructions, sit down quietly and don’t so anything’.

It was meant to be an exercise in following instructions. It inevitably turned into people sitting smugly, watching other people making fools of themselves.

By the 2nd time a well meaning teacher instituted this test, my first action was to skip to the end and read the last instruction.

Obviously I was a smart arse and should have paid attention to the actual lesson.
It may have resulted in a finished sock instead of a frogged* sock.

*for those non-knitters who are utterly confused, ‘to frog’ is to unravel a piece of knitting, or rip-it (ribbit) back.


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sockies, fishies, and another -ies

The weekends are just flying by.

I’m now turning the heel of my socks which I started on Thursday (wow I know!), I did think I would try something new with the heel.
But I didn’t start researching the ‘after thought heel’ until I had finished the gusset increases.
Apparently the two aren’t compatible.

Oh well, maybe next socks.
I had a lot of time for sock knitting as we went for a drive to pick up some company for Max. For those of you who don’t remember, Max is our blue yabby.
We bought 4 Pygmy Perch to add a bit more interest to the tank. We also picked up some more plants.
We’ve quickly got into the routine where we wake up Max every morning (the light on the tank changes from night time blue to day time white), and we greet him every afternoon when we get home from work.
Max is a pretty good listener.
We’re both pretty bad at coming up with names, so we’re going to think about it for a week before naming the 4 newcomers.

I also finished up the design for my etsy shop! All it needs now is some product.
I have three cowls completed. Although one of them isn’t as long as the others and can only wrap around my neck once.
I now don’t know whether or not to put it up any way (after all, just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean that’s not someone elses preference).

But they still need photographs. Is needing a good space to take outfit and product photos a good enough reason to buy a new house?
(I think our angry neighbours and need for more space are probably better reasons.)

So overall a pretty good weekend.

What did everyone else get up to?


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Grr argh

I’ve been a cranky person all week. Really massively cranky.

Cranky panda, temper tantrum, hissy fits, grrrrr!!!!!

So I cast on socks. (Once my headaches subsided).

It’s horrible, squeaky acrylic which I bought because I liked the colour. Fortunately I do still like the colour because the acrylic is annoying me.

It’s sport weight and surprisingly not stretchy at all. So I’ve had to increase it a bit after trying them on.

But the colours are pretty. Like icecream. Not that I’ve ever seen grey icecream. I think it’s just the pink.

I’m planning on doing the heel and cuff ribbing in the same grey as the toe. The toe which I did too much of.

Cranky I tell you.

But the weekend is just around the corner, and I have rounds of stockinette to keep me sane.



(Frogging is also good for the crankies)

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Socks. All about socks

Well this pair of socks started came into the world a while ago.
The flew to Melbourne and back without a single stitch being added.
They then sat around looking at the blanket being knitted, feeling lost and abandoned.

And then when I do pick them up again, I’m already kind of bored. I’m knitting them half heartedly thinking “I wish I had a pattern, or something more interesting than sockinette”.

Aha! I’m about to do the gusset, surely I can do something different with that!

So I hunted down Ravelry and found a centre V increase. I modified it to the number of stitches I had and I was on my way.

The heel turned with ease, the ribbing was complete when I felt restless.

What else can I do or learn for these socks.
Picot edging!
I love the look but have never learnt.

So onto YouTube I go and find my knitting guru, knitting by Judy.

And voila! I have a pair of socks with some interest.

The yarn is Moda Vera noir (as I can’t help but buy it in every pretty colour), and I’ve used two different colours and switched them over at different points.

Two at a time baby!






Friday (finally)

What a week it’s been.

So here, presented without comment, are some of the creations I’ve finished off in the last few weeks.

For bonus credit, go have a read of this commentary of the Ravelympics saga.

A poor example of how to handle a copy right infringement. Particularly as the knitting community understands copyright pretty well. But Caitlin has blogged really extensively and writes better than I could (or have a right to considering its not my country’s idiocy. But we have plenty of our own)






Riff socks

Well this is my second attempt at Riff socks.

The first one (if you’re playing along at home) was a disaster.

The second pair were a little better.

Firstly, I do love the bare pattern. So much that I’ve cast on another pair with the same needles (2.5mm addis), same yarn (Moda Vera noro purple blend), same amount of stiches (60 all up – 30 a side) just without the riff part.

The riff part simply took too long. And it isn’t really seem worth it in the end.
It doesn’t stand out like I thought it would. It needs a plain coloured yarn choice.

I’m not the biggest fan of long socks, so I cut these short after three repeats of the normal pattern. I did start the transition pattern, but they were getting too long for me.
They would have looked fantastic, but I wouldnt have worn them. And I am a selfish knitter.

I’m only going to knit things for people who want them.

Maybe if someone looks at my socks, and says that they’d want a pair but longer I’d knit them properly.
But for now I think in retiring this pattern. Well the riff part anyway.





Sport, movies, rain

It was definitely a weekend to stay inside and keep cozy.

Apart from going to my local to watch my boys lose and wait for a non-existent roast, which only in hindsight wasn’t worth leaving the house for.

So inside I stayed and knitted. I finished off my Riff socks (but more on those on Friday) and immediately cast on anothe pair with the same needles and yarn and basic pattern (without the riff part).

I then wore said socks for the rest of the weekend.

I finished watching firefly. Cried at the appropriate points during Serenity. And wished that there was more.

Then needing more Joss Whedon (I finally got around to seeing The Avengers last Tuesday so I’m in a Joss mood) I started watching Angel.

It might take me a while to get into it.

So my weekend wasn’t spent with my nose in a book as I originally intended, but I did keep my (warm and cozy) feet up.




The moral of this story is the point we hope we’ve made

Reading a knitting chart after 3 white wines is never advisable.
Not the first time you read it, nor the second, and you should know better by the third.

Well I do know better now it’s the third but, this riff sock has had be confounded.
Obviously after a few white wines I don’t know my left from right, or my
Because I’ve done this twice now.

The first time I persisted, mainly because I was driving (passenger seat) and naively assumed that the pattern would eventually ‘make sense’. Well it did, but only when I read it correctly.
I eventually persisted and ended up with my laughing stock socks.
These were a failure from start to finish.

The second time was me being careless. I forgot about the previous failure (I don’t quite know how as they were quite literally on the Mr’s feet in front of me) and I didn’t double check the pattern properly.
Needless to say this time I frogged them and have since started again.

The other ones weren’t quite so lucky.
I made them on 3.5 mm needles. Which was too big for the sock pattern but too small for the yarn. So they are huge. Too big even for the Mr’s size 12 man-feet.
Then there was the pattern error at the beginning of the sock, but also at the cuff section.
And then I was so sick of them instead of fixing them I just finished the round of pattern and started the rib.
So they don’t fit properly around the heel.

So they’re my laughing stock socks.

Although I will say one thing about them, they’re nice and squidgy. And the pattern does look ok if you follow it properly.

So I’m casting on again. Let’s see if I can learn from my mistakes.



I didn’t have the heart to take more photos.

And if you’re wondering about the title of this post??? It’s the last line of this video.

I make mistakes (sometimes) (quite often) (a lot really)

And so a long weekend passes with plenty of football, season 6 of Buffy, and a bit of knitting.

I finished my ‘sexy vesty’ which is rediculously too short. Almost a midrif vest. But really who else can I blame but myself.
I finished a pair of socks (which I knitted two together) but failed at the last minute by opting for a regular bind off instead of super stretchy. They’re super difficult to get on now. Lesson learnt.
I also started two scarves but frogged them both because I didn’t like what they were doing.
It sounds like a bad knitting weekend but it wasn’t. Ok it was, but it didn’t seem like it at the time.

I also discovered knit princess and am now in live with this comic.

I’ve never been an avid reader of web comics. My dedication has only really been to queen of wands and it’s sequel punch n pie.
And scenes from a multiverse for entirely different reasons.

But knit princess speaks to me as a knitter.
I particularly enjoyed her camping series (even if I don’t agree with it). Some of the comments are very insightful too.

So I went to sleep last night peacefully dreaming of knit stiches, pretty yarn (I bought some from etsy a whole back and am not so patiently awaiting its arrival) and knitting comics.



Does anyone know how to get rid of that hole when rejoining the heel to the rest of the sock? Or is it a curse of toe-up.
I had forgotten about that knitting mistake.