I want to knit all the things!

I have so many different projects on my needles at the moment.

I have a meerkat which is all ready to sew together, but I just don’t want to. Sewing up is my least favourite part of knitting.


I have a pair of fingerless gloves for my grandma in law. She lives down south where it’s colder, and reads on her kindle at night. So she needs something to keep her hands warm, but allows her to read. She is also one of the most amazingly creative souls I know. She is an sculptor, a sewer, a painter and makes some wonderful multi-textured artworks which I really ought to show you some time.
So she will really appreciate the work put into handmade gloves.
I don’t mind knitting for people who love my gifts.


I’m still plodding away at Parcel. This week hasn’t been conducive to cables.
At some point it will all click again and I’ll spend a whole week knitting it, but this week was not that week.


I also have my 10 stitch blanket and mini-mania on the go. Plus some other top-secret non-knitting projects (stay tuned!!)
All of this wants me to cast on something new!
But I’m resisting the temptation.

(This is typically the time when CaityRosey does one of her amazing posts showcasing all the pretty patterns she’s found this week – but I will resist. Just looking at all the pretty knitted dresses is testing my resolve)

Happy Knitting!!!



5 thoughts on “I want to knit all the things!

  1. Hah. So far I’ve managed to avoid distracting myself too much. I still want to knit a dress, but I’ve decided i’m not allowed to until I finish the wedding shawl.

  2. My problem precisely!!! Add my needlepoint, counted cross stitch, stamped cross stitch, quilting, canvas, paints……………………. What is disciplining me is no room unless some things get finished and sent to recipients or donated. And if I don’t sew something soon, not setting up on etsy or trying ebay, I won’t get to other projects only yet in my mind that I want to do, and no car so I have to live in this chaos 24/7 most of the time. lol

    I also negate the “time factor” and these things do take time, lots and lots of time. Difficult in our world where the computer gives instant results and information. Our minds can go this fast, but our bodies just plain can’t unless maybe we are bewitched.

    The more I feed my mind, the more it designs new projects in my mind or decides to just do a kit so the design mind will rest. But then I have more “stuff” to figure out how to store. Now I have all projects in VERY organized pick up totes, bags, boxes, canvas sitting out so I constantly see it in progress yet to be done, so if I have 2 mins – 2hours I know which project to pick up and do another row or brush stroke on it or stitch.

    The problem is I just remembered the latch hook I was trying some years back that I could do for grand kids, so now even more possible stuff to finish.

    Doing hand crafted items is like living in 2 different centuries trying to make the work in them match. It doesn’t. Most people would just go to the store and buy or order on line, so how can we even explain. So glad that younger people in this century are carrying on the tradition and I get to share it with them. Thanks!!!LOL

  3. Again thank you for this post. LOL I definitely was in a knitting slump. This blog reminded of all the projects I couldn’t wait to get done and it took so long with so many interruptions in life that they never did get done and were set aside somewhere. Sound familiar? So this weekend you have spurred me on to clean out a closet, sort out a very cluttered computer room putting some more shelves together, decide if I ever was going to finish a project or just take it apart and use the yarn on something else. lololol Thus “happily” and in “great contentment” cleaning and reorganizing my whole art/craft studio house and finally got to painting that garage sale bench that goes with the garage sale vanity. There is a limit to how much it takes over one’s living space at least in other people’s minds and I do like visitors.
    Knitting from the Heart got me knitting again with commitment and your blog has me cleaning. I am not sure I want to try any more blogs to see what they will inspire me to do.
    If your grandma in law did a blog she would probably have me sculpting which wouldn’t be a bad thing, time allowing for it, so maybe I will explore the world of blogging some more……..

    1. A lot of the blogs I read enjoy spinning, and a couple have started weaving. I think once I have a bigger place (not a tiny apartment) I’ll give that a try.

      I spent most of the weekend doing the same thing! I was going to blog about it, but the pictures I snapped were worse than the ones on Friday so I may wait till after work to write that one up 🙂

      1. Yeah, I haven’t gotten to pictures yet although with the old camera I put them on the computer, so can’t share any yet. Tonight I am curling up with a good book and resting for my grand son to come tomorrow. I do his child care while his parents work for the week, so my stuff added to his stuff, it all seriously can overtake the place. lol But I love having him here while they work. Hoping to inspire some art and design activity in his brain. I can get some knitting done with him here, but usually quite simple design and just exploring with the colors and yarns. I would like to get a loom, but expensive. On canvas I am into painting mandala designs again exploring the paints and colors. Except for the knitting only recently have I had time to explore the options for creative pursuit. If I would sew the ponchos and shawls together I would have enough stuff to at least begin on etsy or even ebay, but haven’t and need to get the new camera into a comfort zone. I did craft shows awhile back, but then a “real” job entered my life. Haven’t started my blog so that’s a bit of background about here. A busy life which is good!!! lol I like it that way.

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