Dull and uninspired. But not really

I feel like I haven’t done anything recently.
I’m feeling dull and uninspired about everything.

And then I looked at my camera roll and realised that even though I’ve been in shoulder related hibernation, I’ve been really busy.
In the past 7 days there was the annual superbowl party, the Perth Scorchers won the grand final, and laneway festival.

The time difference for the Super Bowl means that we’re watching the game while everyone else is on their way to work. Always a unique experience.


Then Perth won the Big Bash Final!

There was much wooing.



And then some more wooing at Laneway Festival.
HAIM rocked my socks off, plus frightened rabbits, unknown mortals orchestra, and chvrches made for an awesomesauce day.





And my crazy cat earrings went out of an excursion and of course there was some knitting. Every though my shoulder was a little worse for wear afterwoods.
Totally worth it.



Seriously how cool is this sandcastle!!!



Lunch in Freo

On a sunny Sunday arvo we went to Freo, with the hope of picking up some NFl or MLB gear from a stall in the markets.

They didn’t have any of our teams but we did have a nice lunch at Portorossa.

I only wanted a salad, but ended up with a veal sandwich.
It was delectable. There’s nothing worse than chewy meat in a sandwich, but I’m please to say this was nothing of the sort.

The Mister had a meat lovers pizza. Nothing too elaborate. It was a pizza.

But it was a beautiful day in freo, even if someone (me) was feeling cranky and overwhelmed by birds (slight phobia) and crowds (too polite).

Definitely return to sample more of their menu. And I liked that all 4 wait staff said ‘have a nice day’ when we left.

Manners cost nothing.