a little football mad

Inspired by sarahcastically’s post about her hockey outfits, and a twitter war about football and merch, I thought I’d share some photos from Saturday’s game.

For those who live under rocks, I’m a Port Adelaide supporter. This is unusual given that i live in WA and not in Adelaide.
Even more unusual, I live with an Adelaide supporter. Adelaide supporters and Port Adelaide supporters aren’t meant to like each other. And two Perth born people aren’t meant to support opposing Adelaide teams and fall in love, but that’s what happened.
(We’re certainly not meant to start watching NFL and support Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings either! We’re all about the rivalry).
It’s a very confused household. Certainly more confused by my best friend, who doesn’t and has never lived with me, but has a wall of (some of) her supporters merchandise. When we go to games we always leave from my place so it makes sense. Or maybe it doesn’t. Nevertheless there is a wall of Hawthorn merchandise in my tiny apartment. But she always support my team and I support hers, unless we’re playing against each other when it’s pistols at dawn, bitches.

So, on Saturday my team were in town. They have 1 maybe 2 games in Perth a year and I try to see them as much as possible. While I wasn’t pleased with the result (we lost by 5 points) I was pleased with the effort that we* showed.

It was a gorgeous day (even with the result) and I’m looking forward to the season.

Now prepare to be impressed by the merch I took to the game (and trust me, there is more!), and the sunset on the way home.





*yes i’m one of those people who include themselves in their football team.


Southbound Monday

Woke up surprisingly chipper.
Well my mates thought I’d be a lot worse, but I still maintain it was those two smokes that hit me. After not smoking for over a year, two smokes is enough. And I don’t get a hangover from smoking.
There was no one in the morning that we really wanted to see, so most of the boys went into Busso, and my boy, marnie, and I went in search of shade.
We wandered around rather aimlessly. Went to the Little Creatures tent for some pizza and listened to a bit of Pond who I like (in moderation, and in the right mood).
Then went into the Paper stage for what ended up being most of the day. Continue reading Southbound Monday