The Rapture – In The Grace Of Your Love

The antithesis of starring 5 songs on it’s first listen through (see ) is starring none.

I really wanted to love The Rapture’s new album.
Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks (their first EP but not the first in my collection – I’ll admit that much) was a solid EP hinting at the brilliance that was their debut Echoes.
Pieces of the People We Love was a great follow up, chock full of songs to dance to (including one of my favourite lyrics “too esoteric for a Saturday night”). It was a bit of a departure from their debut but I still loved it.
Tapes (their DJ album) was my running soundtrack for ages.
In The Grace Of Your Love sounds like they’ve used up all their tricks.

They’ve relied on their individual sound to carry them through, but there’s no substance.
Nothing that makes me want to get up and dance, and nothing that makes me feel like conjure up of thoughts of that magical moments when they play Open Up Your Heart at a festival.

Sail Away opens the album and whets the appetite for what’s to follow, but then the rest of the album fades away into nothingness.

Miss You comes the closest, with the signature handclaps that made Pieces of the People We Love, but it sounds like rapture-inspired rather than The Rapture itself.
Everything else seems to falls away into the abyss.

I hope that I’ll pick up this album in the peak of summer with fresh ears and rediscover it, but for the minute it remains a little unexciting.


20 The Rapture – Whoo? Alright – Yeah… Uh Huh (132)

After hearing (read dancing my life away) this song live at Southbound, I was reminded how much I love it.
From the Patty Smith quip, to the sun drenched, french girls , it’s just so damn catchy!
And some great Dr Seuss rhyming. Continue reading 20 The Rapture – Whoo? Alright – Yeah… Uh Huh (132)

Southbound Monday

Woke up surprisingly chipper.
Well my mates thought I’d be a lot worse, but I still maintain it was those two smokes that hit me. After not smoking for over a year, two smokes is enough. And I don’t get a hangover from smoking.
There was no one in the morning that we really wanted to see, so most of the boys went into Busso, and my boy, marnie, and I went in search of shade.
We wandered around rather aimlessly. Went to the Little Creatures tent for some pizza and listened to a bit of Pond who I like (in moderation, and in the right mood).
Then went into the Paper stage for what ended up being most of the day. Continue reading Southbound Monday