Stuck in my head – The Shins

Well if you have a look at my most played artists for this week you won’t find the shins.


We had a stereo on board, which we could both plug our phones into and there was no one around.
So when HeWhoFishes was out on the dingy I did leap at the opportunity to sing and dance around like the crazy lady I am.
And I wasn’t dancing to the shins.

But when we weren’t being nostalgic and listening to Jebediah, and I was enjoying the solitude of being away from society and on a boat, I was listening to this song.

(And just to rub it in, here’s my photo collage which I use as my work computer background. One of the reasons I use hipstamatic, Instagram, and the a beautiful mess apps is not so all my photos look twee [which I do like] but it makes it easier to put into collages because they all use the same dimensions. My work computer has no fancy unworkrelated software so I resize the photos to 7cm using microsoft word and then copy and paste them into paint. Then I can chop and change photos as I like )





Tales on a houseboat

Picture 004

Once upon a time, there was a girl called BeksWhoKnits and a boy called HeWhoFishes.

The two of them set off early on Friday morning and drove as the sun came up. And at some point around 9:00 arrived into Walpole.


The stocked up on supplies, and made sure that they had every thing they needed. They weren’t to be coming back to the shore for a while.

Off they set on a houseboat into the inlet. Quite soon the houseboat was transformed into a home where the next 3 nights would be spent.

They reached their first destination. HeWhoFishes set to fishing, BeksWhoKnits to knitting.

The fish weren’t biting from the back of the boat, so HeWhoFishes went off in the dingy to explore further.


Bekswhoknits explored the life of Stephen Fry and made some steady progress on her crocheted blanket.

The talent of reading and knitting was well practiced and she was quite accomplished by the end of the trip at first reading from the iPad and then later balancing actual books.


The days flew by and fish continued to be caught, books continued to be read, and WIPs turned into FOs.


Each day had a new location, and each morning a new sunrise to wake up to.

Picture 003

Even washing the dishes somehow felt easier.


There was talk of rejoining civilisation for a Saturday afternoon, but the wonders of technology meant that football could be watched aboard the boat.


More fish were caught, HeWhoFishes made friends with a pelican named Harold. Beks eyed Harold warily and preferred to remain indoors.
Picture 001

Picture 002

All too soon it was time to return the houseboat. There was talk of sailing into the sunset, but it proved impossible so we returned to the shore and reluctantly made our way back to the city.


The houseboat is a perfect choice when two people wish to do nothing but fish and knit (and read, and embroider, and watch football).

Fish tally
Too many herring to keep count of
20+ Black Brim
10+ Skippy
10 School Whiting
6 Snook / Garfish
1 australian salmon
1 Mullet

Finished Object list
The Fry Chronicles
Revenge Wears Prada
The Colour of Magic
Death Comes to Pemberly
“manners cost nothing” embroidery
teal, black, and grey broken rib cowl
crochet flower
Significant progress on
– vanilla latte pair of socks
– crochet blanket

*gifs and panorama can be clicked to embiggen