My weekend in numbers

1 – the number of times I got to pretend it was cold enough to wear my unicorn jumper

2 – Buffy fans made happy with a ‘walk through the fire’ bracelet
10 – geeky bracelets I now have
1 – hour spent searching for lost items
4 – rings found
0 – metal stamping letter Rs found

1 – PlayStation 3 which decided to not read discs any more
9 – hours to transfer all our data off our old PS3 to the new one
1 – heart palpitation when Hewhofishes suggested I could ‘just start over’ in Skyrim
3 – the number of times Hewhofishes pointed a laser pointer from the tv couch to the kitchen couch to annoy me whilst waiting for the data transfer.
1.5 – books in the Grisha series read despite such laser pointer intrusions

55 – points my team beat hewhofishes’ team by
15 – minutes hewhofishes sulked for after his team lost
infinite number of times I thought about rubbing in the fact that my team is better than his team but decided to be the bigger person

12 – episodes of Bobs Burgers watched
4 – quotes I tweeted from the show
2 – confused comments I had back from followers who were unaware I was quoting Bobs Burgers

1 – old but new to me china cabinet was delivered
7 – years my 21st birthday china waited before being unpacked
4 – years my tea cup collection has been waiting for a home that wasn’t constantly under threat of being knocked over.

but by far the biggest and most important number of the weekend
100 – the age of my Great-Nan who celebrated her birthday on Saturday.
6 children, 19 grand-children, 26 great-grand children (me!), and 2 great-great-grandchildren

(Numbers are from my memory and are approximate. It may have been more than 12 episodes of Bobs Burger we watched.)






FO 4 – all about hats

I was fortunate enough to be given a copy of She Makes Hats to review.

I always enjoy hearing other people’s stories and am particularly curious about how other people got the knitting bug.

About 10 pages in I had already decided that Robyn and I were going to be friends.
She Makes Hats tells the story of Robyn and how she fell into knitting and decided that she would make 1000 hats and give them away.

Motivated by a need for knitting and noticing all the cold heads that needed warming she set to work and is now knitting 10,000 hats!!!! I won’t go into too much of her story because she tells it better than I ever could.

If that completely hooks you in, (as it did me) I’ve got a digital copy
to giveaway.
I wouldn’t be giving it away if I didn’t like it and think you would like it too. The only criticism that I have is that it didn’t have enough pictures. Fortunately Robyn’s bloghas all the pretty pictures of hats that you could ask for.

To enter this giveaway, leave me a comment about your favourite hat or hat pattern and I’ll randomly pick a winner next Friday 28th March.

In other hat news, I finished a Gwen Slouch hat.

This will be given to my Mum who recently had a shonky haircut. You know those haircuts when you want one thing and the hairdresser completely ignores you? She had a hairdresser who had little consideration for her hair. And so she is in need of my hat collection.

Dad will be required to collect a hat or two, but absolutely cannot be trusted to choose a suitable hat for mum, so I made her a video so she could choose herself.
Dear ol’ Dad has many lovely qualities, but his taste in hats is somewhat questionable. The hamburg hat at the end of the video is proof enough!!!!





creative kindness – lets all play hopscotch

March is creative kindness month at Magical Daydream.

Marielle is always coming up with special little ways to be kind and spread some job in the world. (She has even made a kindness kit full of ideas and supplies to help make a kinder world.)

I’ve always liked the idea of doing something big to spread a little kindness, but have never found the right balance of self confidence, time, and budget.

So I’ve started small. So small that until I actually thought about it, I didn’t actually recognise it as ‘being kind’.
I’m a kind and generous person by nature so smiling at strangers, giving money to people begging, stopping to let people cross at cross walks, and holding doors open for people are just part of being a courteous member of society.

A few weeks ago I had a different kindness experience.
It was a fairly normal Friday night, the boyfriend and I went out for dinner and inexplicably ended up at the Inglewood Hotel. Somehow we always end up there even when we didn’t plan to.
A member of the bar staff who we hadn’t seen there for ages was working so we had a chat with her. There were a couple of other regulars there and a couple of faces we hadn’t seen before.

I ended up hearing the story from a lady who had the most lovely smile I’ve ever seen.
She had a severe stroke during childbirth 7 years ago, so the conversation was fairly slow going but I heard about her son. She loved her son very much and was very proud of him. She was there with her husband who had been in a motorcycle accident some years ago and so there were a few motorbike noises and miming.
Alcohol laws in Australia are pretty specific about not serving alcohol to those who appear intoxicated, so this couple follow around this member of bar staff who is familiar with them and their particular characteristics.

Conversation was slow going, but we got to a point in the conversation where we discovered that we were both born in May.
Earlier that night I had made a wire-wrapped ring with a fake-emerald stone and by the end of the night I had gifted it to her.
I really valued the few sentences that we were able to share and wanted to show her somehow.
It was pretty easy for me to make another one, but that small gesture meant so much to her. Her eyes lit up and she showed her husband and some other friends with such pride in her eyes.

I’m not sharing this to make me look like this really super-awesome person who is kind to everyone, but I wanted to share a story I may not have ordinarily shared with you. I come in contact with a lot of douchecanoes, particularly as I catch public transport am a lady with bright hair who likes sport and drinks beer. Something about that combination seems to attract douchecanoes. To have an awesome, sparkling conversation and developing a connection about something so simple as both being born in the same month was really cool.

I still wanted to do something that I could actually show you all whilst sticking within my comfort level, budget and time restrictions.

And so I invested in a 50c packet of chalk and drew a hopscotch board out the front of our house.
Of course as soon as I did that we had the first rain for 100 days and it partly washed away.
But for that evening, every person walking their dog or taking an evening stroll past out house had the opportunity to play hopscotch.

The message of ‘have fun!’ still remains though.

There’s still 2 weeks left of March, so have some fun, and go over to Marielle’s blog and prepare to share kindness with the world.






The quest for the missing R

While my hair was looking all shiny and pretty, and inspired by Anna at The Dusty Attic, I made a vlog.
I’m working up to doing a proper house tour, but for for now here’s me babbling at a camera.

At the end I was trying to quote Pride & Prejudice how in the 1994 series Wickham says “let us not say goodbye, but as the French say au revoir”. But I got a little tongue tied.


SOTW – Cold War Kids

I participated in the rite of passage which is learning piano.
Sometimes I hated practicing. Other times it was the only way I could think.

Lately I’ve been wondering if I could still play.
Of course I would need to find an in tune piano somewhere that no one else could hear me.
And as I can’t think of where that place might be, I have to be content with daydreaming.

This is the song that started my wondering. If I could find my magical piano of solitude this is what I would try to play.



part – time crafter

Feel free to hum Stevie Wonder while you’re reading this post. I know I am.

Although my shoulder is improving, after 8 hour at my desk job it gets pretty tired. However if I don’t get to knit, I get really cranky. So I’ve been trying to sneak in a little tiny bit of crafting.
This means that the socks which take 5 minutes just to figure out where I’m at on the pattern are out. Same with the jumper which is nearing it’s 1st birthday.
What I can do now I have the luxury of being able to leave crafting supplies out is jewellery.
(Seriously not having to pack everything up just so someone else can use the space is a total luxury. Also a luxury is actually having natural light to photograph things with! So much excitement!)

So I’ve been making earrings. Just one or two a day so I can fulfil the creative part of my brain which doesn’t get exercised during my day job. After spending all day at a computer I quite often don’t feel like I’ve achieved anything (even though I actually have you just can’t see it).
Hewhofishes was a roof carpenter for many years so quite often when we’re driving around the city I get a guided tour of the roofs that he built.
Which is really cool to see what he made.
Don’t get me wrong, I love my day job and I have a great sense of job satisfaction. But at the end of the day it’s nice to come home, spend some time actually making something that you can see.

Problem is, I already have too many earrings than I could possibly wear.
So I’ve decided to reopen my little shop.

And you my lovely readers, because we’re already friends, if anything takes your fancy I’ll ship it to you for freeeee!
Just use coupon code ‘parttimecrafter’.






it’s me!!!!

The fabulously talented Miss Jojojangles was recently offering custom illustrations and how could one possibly resist such an offer.

And I’m so pleased I did.
I even have a tardis inspired skirt which I need to figure out how to make in real life!

And then I decided I needed to use it in as many places as possible, so I added a few homely touches.


And if you look up (on the screen! don’t just look up at the sky like I just did) you’ll see a brand new blog header.
Thanks Jojo! You are totally awesomesauce!

(if you want one for yourself – the etsy link is here)


Sending snail mail to friends – FO1 – may your WD-40 be ever cozy

Firstly let’s back up a little bit.

My dad is ridiculously difficult to buy presents for. You can pretty much rule out any of the usual golf/alcohol related/fishing/ sports merchandise ideas that the catalogues have as their ‘fathers gift guides’.

I think over the years us kids have bought him every single train DVD imaginable. I’ve also bough him reticulation connectors and a dustpan and brush. They were both on his list, so I bought them for him.

This year for his birthday he got a pair of socks, which he dutifully wore on Christmas Day and even colour coordinated his outfit so they matched.

And so for Christmas I bought him a can of WD-40.

Because I am Bek I made a crochet cozy for it.



And again because I am Bek I ended up with a custom request from a twitter friend.

I didn’t quite have all the right colours on hand so I dyed up some yellow.


There was then a slight hiccup with this sizing.

(Fortunately the colours are familiar in this house so HeWhoFishes now has an Adelaide Crows coloured scotch cozy)


So @parhwy a parcel is now winging it’s way (or it will be if I make it to the post office this arvo) to you.

May your wd-40 be ever cozy.


zucchini slice

I love zucchini slice. (For any american’s wondering what I’m banging out about a zucchini is also known as a courgette. But just hear how zucchini rolls off the tongue. Zucchini. Zoo-kini.Zoo-keeeeeneeeey)

It’s the number one thing that I search for on my own blog.
Even though it’s so simple, I always think I forget something.
The original recipe is from the Australian’s Women’s Weekly cookbook that my Mum owns. When I left home I had a photocopy of it, which is now impossible to read.

So I made a printable to hang on the wall in the kitchen.

If it’s your first time making it, here are the proper instructions.

The ingredients:
1 grated zucchini (don’t bother peeling it)
1 cup grated cheese
1 chopped onion
3 rashers bacon chopped
5 eggs
1 cup self raising flour
1/2 cup vegetable oil
dash wooshter sauce
parsley, salt, & pepper to taste…

The method:
Put all of the ingredients into a bowl. Mix well. Pour it into a pyrex baking tray.
Pop it in a pre-heated oven at 180 degrees and wait for 40 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean.


Right click here to save the image
Feel free to print the recipe and display it in your homes, but please do not sell it. This is my gift to you.