#KCBWDAY6 – Views Of Others, Views Of Yourself.

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Todays topic – Write about another knitter or crocheter that you admire, how do others view you.



#KCBWDAY5 – And now for something completely different

This week I’m participating in Knitting and Crochet blog week hosted by Eskimimi makes. Every day there’s a different topic to prompt creative and inventive ways to enjoy writing fresh content for Knitting And Crochet Blogs.
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Todays topic – It’s the annual challenge to blog in a way different to how you normally blog.

I asked MacStabby (of Crafternoon nap fame) to do an interview.
It quickly descended into chaos and was the most fun I’ve had at 8am on a Saturday morning (7pm her time) in a very long time. Portions of this conversation have been redacted so that we still appear like sane and rational adults.

MacStabby is a multicrafter and makes amazing quilts and dresses. She also embroiders and does cross stitch, and finds time to knit as well as doing her Medical Residency!

I’m in bold and MacStabby is in italics.

So what up my knitta???
So, truthfully, I’ve been pretty shit at knitting this year.
Like, amount-wise.
so hopefully this won’t be a tremendous waste of your time

You’re a multi-crafter and I’ve recently seen some pretty awesome quilts / dresses on your blog so far. But you still qualify as a knitter in my eyes. Is there anything on your needles at the moment?
Yes, actually! I needed to restart my Miette cardigan a couple of months ago.
After I got a new ipod touch, I lost my progress with my knit counter, and couldn’t remember where I was. Had to start ALLLLLL over.

Oh no! that’s awful. Aren’t knit counters the best though?
I swear before I started knitting I had no idea how difficult counting could be.

Seriously the best. I suck at remembering things unless they’re written down, and this is MUCH easier than that. I don’t even have to put down my needles to do it.
I’ve just looked up that pattern on Ravelry – and it’s soo pretty I’ve immediately added it to my favourites. What yarn and what colour are you making it in?
Hmmm let me try to remember….It’s just some cheapish wool yarn I got a Joann Fabrics- probably lion brand wool-ease? It’s a peacock color.
oh fudge it I’ll just see if I have the wrapper left on any of my stuff
well I was WAY off. It’s paton’s classic wool in peacock.
so sort of close I guess.

See you say peacock and i’ll I can think of is Kenneth from 30 Rock in the NBC peacock underpants – I’m assuming you mean a deep purply colour? I generally cover my eyes when I see birds.
I’m actually super jealous of how awesome you are at knitting and how MUCH you get done.
lol no it’s like a blue-green-teal thing. It’s actually still on Rav because I’m just doing the same thing I started before.
I can see Kenneth wearing purple or teal underpants though

Then we came across this and got slightly distracted.


I think that’s the pattern for my first ever knit-along!!!
ohhh love it. we’ll have to use sequins
I’ve never knitted with sequins before…. could be a challenge
yeah me neither. I bet it can be done though
Can you actually knit with sequins?!
I dunno- you can with beads. I imagine it’s similar?

We then got even more off topic but ended up talking about television.

Do you find that you notice the knitting and knitwear in television shows?
Sweaters more than anything. Like, when you said on your blog you noticed Liz Lemon’s knit hats, I was like “Why haven’t I ever noticed these before?” Although I do tend to notice scarves.
Surprising that it’s sweaters I notice, when I’d probably actually be better at knitting scarves/hats because they’re smaller.
I knit a sweater once for Husband – he never wore it. Frowny face.

But you weren’t struck by the boyfriend sweater curse so I’d say that’s a win. I’ve knitted socks for HWF and he never wears them.
Yes! I knitted it before we were married.I think I finished it after we were engaged though.
Ugh, I’d never knit socks for someone else. I’f I’m going to put in all that work it’s going to be FOR ME

he has huge feet too – and I made them on really tiny needles. Never. Again! He doesn’t deserve them.
What made you start knitting in the first place?

Hm. I tried to learn from my friend Kelly in college. I have a cousin who’d sent me a care package with some little things in it, among them needles and yarn that used to be my grandmothers.
So I knew Kelly knitted, so I asked her to teach me. It was a disaster.
However, I have a very crafty mother-in-law. When she tried to teach me, it actually stuck! So from then on I’ve been knitting in fits and starts.

Crafty ladies are everywhere! Can you remember the first thing you ever finished?
Actually, I think it was a crocheted hat (kelly managed to teach me to do that alright haha)
As far as knitting- a scarf for myself. I knit it during my sophomore year of college during winter break during some rough times.
I knitted and watched the Highlander tv series on DVD for HOURS.

My knitting has watched A LOT of television with me. Do you remember which items have watched which tv shows? Or is that just me.
I think that one in particular stuck with me because of what I was going through and the pure amount I watched. otherwise it takes me so long to make anything that I’ve watched buckets of different stuff throughout.
particularly as you said you prefer to make larger items – i think it’s probably a bit easier to remember the smaller items
You know, I’ve found it doesn’t really matter haha. I’m just slowwwww
Although I suppose my two christmas stockings went pretty quickly, relatively speaking.

I’m looking at them at the moment and they are amazing!!! I haven’t tried colourwork yet, mostly because it scares me. What do you like most about knitting? Particularly as a multi crafter, what makes you choose one craft over another?
Thanks. I was pleased they turned out ok, particularly as the first was for Hubs!
Colorwork is fun for me as long as I’m only doing two colors per row- I’m not so adventurous that I’m ready for more than that haha
What I find gets me choosing one over another is all mood- do I feel like spending the time in my crafty room (now that I’ve got one) listening to podcasts and sewing away, or do I feel like being more social, hanging with my hubs in front of my tv.
Sewing I also do more when Hubs is busy doing stuff in the basement or in the yard. I knit or cross-stitch when we’re chilling in the evenings.

Sounds pretty sweet! isn’t it awesome having a crafty room?
It’s really been amazing.
Since we bought the house, we’ve definitely have more space to live in than ever before. Starting my new job was rough last August, and Hubs was AMAZING in that he decided the first project to do was going to be my crafty room, so I’d have a place to relax.
He’s the shiz.
It’s just nice to be able to have everything all in one place, with my machines and cutting table and ironing board and not have to do any tear-down and set-up each time I want to do something.
I’m really lucky!

Yes yes I know that feeling! Space is so important. Your hubs sounds like an awesome dude.
I’m so out of questions now…. anything you want to add???

Um. Thanks for wanting to interview me for your blog- I’m sorry I’m not more knitterly.

Ha not knitterly. Would a not knitterly person make these???
Didn’t think so!!

Thanks MacStabby for the awesome chat!


#5KCBWDAY4 – Conversations between Workers

This week I’m participating in Knitting and Crochet blog week hosted by Eskimimi makes. Every day there’s a different topic to prompt creative and inventive ways to enjoy writing fresh content for Knitting And Crochet Blogs.
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Todays topic – A conversation between workers.

The story of Steve the saucepan.
The saucepan in my craft room is like no other saucepan in the house. He doesn’t sleep with the other saucepans in the kitchen.

Instead has his own nook next to the printer, the box of paper supplies, and the yarn winder & swift. Hidden behind a curtain, Steve spends most of his days in peace and quiet.
All the other saucepans live in the kitchen and they are loud and brash so they can be heard over the hustle and bustle of dinner time. They gossip about what each other got to make that week and brag about who got cleaned the quickest. They play well as a team and one can be busy making a cheese sauce, one with spaghetti mince, and one with pasta all working together to make a complete pasta bake.

Hidden behind his curtain, Steve leads a solitary life. He runs with a different crowd, a bohemian and crafty crowd. He doesn’t have any saucepan pals to play with, but that doesn’t mean that he’s lonely. He patiently waits until the time is right.

For you see Steve is a yarn dyeing saucepan, and is only used when ordinary woolly goodness is crying out to be a different colour. Steve then moves into action and takes centre stage in the kitchen.

Steve: And what are we going to do with you today Blue Leicester? May I call you Lester?
Lester: Sure thing. I was thinking of going for a complete makeover. Maybe some pinks and purples. And I’m feeling rebellious so maybe throw some black in there too.
Steve: I think we should be able to manage something like that. Lets get you soaking in this water. Hows the temperature?
Lester: It’s fine, thank you. Not a chance of felting. How did you get into this business anyway?
Steve: Well once upon a time I was a camping saucepan. It was awesome. I went to Adelaide and back, got to spend some time in the bush and cook all kinds of things. But I was a bit restless so I decided to get into the yarn dyeing business.
Lester: Ooh that sounds interesting. What was cooking in the bush like?
Steve: It was a bit of a challenge. There wasn’t always a lot of light and it was difficult to get clean, but it was fun. I got to see parts of Australia I wouldn’t normally ever see. Are we ready for the vinegar? Ok lets have a splash of this and now comes the fun part – the colour! Now we’re going to do one bit at a time and let that sink in. Hope you’re comfortable, we’re going to be here for a while.

Fortunately Steve is a good conversationalist and politely inquired over Lester’s heritage and how he came to be in Australia, his hopes and dreams. After half an hour or so, Lester was like a new yarn and went out to the line to dry before starting his next adventure.

Steve got cleaned up, and at the end of a successful day he returned to his friends in the craft room and his quiet life behind the curtain. Life was good.





#5KCBWDAY3 – Photography Challenge

This week I’m participating in Knitting and Crochet blog week hosted by Eskimimi makes. Every day there’s a different topic to prompt creative and inventive ways to enjoy writing fresh content for Knitting And Crochet Blogs.
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Todays topic – Use photography in an interesting and unusual way.











#5KCBWDAY2 – Dating Profile

This week I’m participating in Knitting and Crochet blog week hosted by Eskimimi makes. Every day there’s a different topic to prompt creative and inventive ways to enjoy writing fresh content for Knitting And Crochet Blogs.
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Todays topic – Write a dating profile for one of your past finished projects.


Hi I’m as yet unnamed Port Adelaide beanie.
Fun loving Port Adelaide supporter, seeks other Teal & Black handknits for football watching funtimes.
I only came off the needles in March 2014, but already I’ve seen Port Adelaide beat two difficult teams, one which they haven’t beaten for 7 years so I think I must be good luck.
Teal, Silver & Black are my colours and I wear them proudly. The topographie pattern really shows them off. It looks much better than the blue, yellow & red of my cross town rivals.
Most of my time is spent football watching. I tend to be worn more often when Port Adelaide win, which this year has been quite a lot.
My biggest ambition is to attend a Port Adelaide Grand Final. That would be amazing and the highlight of my career.


#5KCBWDAY1 – A Day in the Life

This week I’m participating in Knitting and Crochet blog week hosted by Eskimimi makes. Every day there’s a different topic to prompt creative and inventive ways to enjoy writing fresh content for Knitting And Crochet Blogs.
To find others participating in Knitting & Crochet Blog Week – search the unique tag 5KCBWDAY1

Todays topic – Describe a day in the life of a project that you have made, or are in the process of making.

6:17 - Beks alarm goes off. It’s currently a Scotch of St James song that she downloaded from Triple J unearthed but hasn’t been able to find anywhere else so she doesn’t actually know that it’s by the Scotch of St James. She mutters something to this effect most mornings. I don’t know why she doesn’t just change it already, but it a pretty neat track.

6:45 - This morning is pretty cold. I may have a chance to be worn this morning. It all depends what colour tights Beks decides on. Ooh blue dress, purple cardigan and patterned black tights, yes my mulberry, black, & pink shades would go nicely with that. Here we go! Off to work for the day.

7:00 - Casually admiring myself in the work elevators. Damn I look good. I especially like the way my ends are curling themselves today. I hope Bek notices and takes a photo today. It’s a good curl day.


7:30 - There’s a lot of muttering and swearing going on today. Something about people doing stupid things and throwing a computer out of the window. I’ll try and look adorable. Maybe that will help.

8:29 - I’m harbouring a not-so-secret crush on Beks headphones so everytime we get tangled up together is a highlight of my day. Although Bek doesn’t seen to approve of our relationship. She untangles us and has cranked Blood Red Shoes. Their new album is so good, so it’s had quite a few plays since it was released. Perfect for drowning our the inane chatter that comes from working in an open plan office.

11:20 - Time for an early lunch. Beks has leftover pasta bake so I get placed on the desk to prevent any spillage. It looks delicious. Oh and is that home made bread as well? This girl knows how to eat! Oh there’s some spilt on the desk. More cursing and muttering.

13:00 – I’m being taken to a meeting. Meeting rooms here are notoriously cold. It’s pretty boring, something about rhubarb and jabberwocky and fluidity and the impossimpible. Boooorrrriiiinnnggg. I’ll just sit here and make Beks neck look pretty.

14:21 – That meeting took aggeeeeeees. More muttering and more tea being made. It smells like vanilla and roses. I’m content just smelling, fingers crossed clumsy Bek doesn’t spill anything on me.

15:45 - Finally in the car going home. It’s surprisingly warm outside so I get put in her backpack. I say hello to my friend Good God Lemon. She was worn this morning but was put in the backpack once Bek was at her desk. Lemon seems quite relieved to not have gone to that thoroughly boring meeting.

17:15 – Ooooh outing!!! It appears neither Bek or HWF feel like cooking tonight. If I was a betting shawl I would put my money on the Civic for $6 pizzas, but I have been wrong before. Bek hasn’t bothered getting changed after work so I still match her outfit perfectly. I am her favourite at the moment so I get taken nearly everywhere.


Shortly after, I am snuggled up with Beks on the Civic’s couch reading The Fault In Our Eyes. Beks keeps laughing inappropriately loudly and getting odd looks from the regulars at the bar. HWFs is reading the newspaper like an old man before switching to watching youtube videos of people getting hurt. Eventually food arrives and I get taken off again for safe keeping.

19:20 – Home again. I am tucked in safe and sound on the CD rack with all my other scarf and shawl friends. From the other room I can hear Bobs Burgers from one TV and Gran Turismo from the other TV. Damn I was hoping for some company. Some nights Beks will sit in her craft room and make crafty things. Instead she’s knitting on the couch. Hopefully it’s not a new shawl! Sweet dreams.


Things I found in my bag whilst searching for a hair lacky that I didn’t know I carried around with me all the time

- emergency spare set of headphones
– enamel ring that I wear for five minutes before remembering how awkward it is to wear and put it in my bag
– pencil snapped in half specifically for sudoku book which is NOT in my bag
– thing that connects iphone to speakers
– socks that only have about 4 more rows of ribbing before they’re finished that I had completely forgotten about
– emergency vegemite packet
– cupcake sticker book
– dry shampoo
– tea bags, some split open and unuseable
– earring findings
– two stubby holders (The National & Bon Jovi for anyone that’s playing at home)
– 4 colour pen. Pink, purple, green, & light blue.
– granny square
– gig stick with Game of Thrones Season 4 which I was meant to watch last weekend but obviously forgot about
– glasses wiping cloth that I can never find when I’m actually looking for it

Note – I didn’t find a hair lacky but it’s good to know in an emergency I have a cupcake sticker book.

Note – Yes I’m a adult with a disney backpack. Deal with it.





I don’t think I’ve told you lately just how cool having a house is. Particularly a house that’s been well looked after by people who were clearly interested in sustainable living and growing their own produce.

Apparently we have a passionfruit vine, and are about to be inundated with them.

So I’ve been researching passionfruit recipes and I’m now impatient that none of them are ripe yet.

How does Passionfruit and White Chocolate Mousse sound? The correct answer is delicious!!

Then there’s Baked Passionfruit Custard for wintery nights, or Passionfruit Cheesecake for those warmer days.

For a dash of nostalgia there’s Passionfruit Jelly or the classic Passionfruit and vanilla ice-cream combination. That was always a winner when I was young.

Lemon and Passionfruit Shortbread and Melting Moments sound like just the thing to bake and give to family. Edible presents are the best kind of presents.

And these Orange, Passionfruit, and yoghurt Cupcakes would use up some of the oranges that we’re about to have a glut of.

OK everyone’s invited around for afternoon tea! I’ll make sure to have a cocktail waiting for you.






30 before I turn 30

Before anyone asks, today is NOT my birthday, but it’s close enough for me to realise that I’m turning 30 next year.

I don’t like to celebrate my birthday as the idea of having more than 3 people’s attention on me solely because I’m getting older makes me want to lock myself in a room and never leave. I much prefer to treat it like any other day and save the attention for actual achievements.

So I thought I’d reflect and write down 30 achievements which I think are are and worth celebrating.
While I’ve never been on tv for more than 2 seconds, seen my writing in a magazine, travelled outside of Australia, or been able to complete a photo-a-day challenge I have done some pretty cool and worthwhile things with my life.

1) Bought a house
2) Crossed the Nullabor
3) Shaved my head for Cancer research
4) Jumped out of a plane
5) Learnt to knit
6) Graduated from University with a degree
7) Bought an apartment (& endured it flooding)
8) Travelled out of the state by myself
9) Sang in front of an audience
10) Ran 12km without stopping
11) Watched 6 consecutive Test Matches live
12) Can cook a lasagne from scratch
13) Been to a football game with 70,000 other people
14) Managed a team of 5 people
15) Assembled an IKEA wardrobe by myself
16) Went to 6 music festivals in a year (and 3 in 8 days)
17) Can/could play all of The Entertainer, not just the first bit that everyone knows.
18) Kept the same blog for 3 years
19) Made a sale on Etsy
20) Successfully negotiated a pay-rise
21) Read all 6 Jane Austen novels (cover to cover)
22) Taught someone how to play the drums
23) Held the banner for Port Adelaide to run through
24) Have seen 222 bands live (at last count & have been backstage at bonjovi & met several others)
25) Been thanked in the notes of someones Thesis

And there are 5 things I hope to achieve before I’m 30
26) Go to a test match at the MCG
27) Complete Post-Grad Studies
28) See Blood Red Shoes live
29) Have 20 etsy sales
30) Travel outside of Australia ($$ permitting)

I want to watch my football team win a premiership at the MCG – before I’m 30 would be nice, but before I’m 35 would also be acceptable.


#SOTW – Veruca Salt

There’s been so much nostalgia this week once I heard Veruca Salt are reforming and touring in September!!!!

Even though I really only ever loved one song, its such a kickarse song that its been on repeat this week.

However they’re playing the day after the AFL grand final so I’m not planning on buying tickets just yet!



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