Stuck in my head – Skipping Girl Vinegar

Nothing says ‘summer is coming’ quite like Skipping Girl Vinegar.

Their first album was chock full of rocking, sing along, folk songs which always make me smile.

As well as having the cutest band name story, giving out baked goods at their live shows, and being really awesome people to hang with after shows, they’ve done what I think is the way forward for independent bands.
Which is a way for people like me to ensure that their money actually goes to the band.
With more and more people downloading, streaming, and even buying CDs, I’m always looking to make sure that I support local Aussie bands. I always try to go to shows, buy merch, and I always subscribe to my very awesome local independent radio station. (They have a live stream so check it out. )
Skipping Girl Vinegar take it one step further by asking for pledges to fund upcoming trips, recording sessions, and basically ensure that they can keep making quality music.

I think this is the way of the future and Skipping Girl Vinegar are leading the way.

Plus their film clips are always gorgeous and they sent a monkey into space.

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