a cure for cast-on-itis (+FO#13)

New crafts!!!

I did spent 6 hours untangling a ball of yarn! Looking back I don’t even know how I managed to be patient for that long. But I had a plan to dye that yarn and didn’t want to waste it.


Then I did some research and found that acrylic doesn’t really dye too well with food colouring.
So it was back to the drawing board. I did just test that theory anyway. It didn’t turn out all that well. I also had an idea about bleach dyeing coloured acrylic yarn.
That didn’t go so well either.
I was hoping that soaking it in bleach would take the colour out of the yarn, meaning I could dip an end into bleach and create a self striping yarn. Similar to how you can with clothing. But it turns out that yarn (well Moda Vera Marvel) is quite well dyed.

So that my 6 hours wasn’t completely wasted, I unwound and then rewound some balls which were similar to the white one that caused me so much heartache.
A broken chair became a makeshift niddy noddy which I should really put back in the spare room. It would be hard to tell if the place was robbed or not.

I did however make it to spotlight over the weekend and bought some pure wool yarn. So I’m hoping to have a go at dyeing that sometime in the near future. (As well as getting it straight in my head how to consistently spell dyeing correctly.)
Whilst at spotlight I concocted a plan to make some pretty stitch markers. So I bought some jewellery making supplies. As usual I spent money before researching which added to my pre-existing crankiness when I tried to do what I thought would just be easy but actually unsurprisingly isn’t.
So I’m going to wait until my crankiness has lessened before trying that again.

I’ve also been researching drop spindles. I had always had the idea that I would learn to spin when I was living in a house, rather than an overcluttered apartment. I have since grown impatient, particularly as our house plans are now a little further out of reach. So I’ve been researching and after showing pictures to hewhofishes , he said “I can make that!”. So we’ll see what happens there.

But I do have a finished object to show you!
I present the Weeble Wobble Cowl.
Remember the poll I did a couple of weeks ago? Even though it wasn’t the winner, the recipient got the final choice.

Importantly, it’s a good luck scarf because the brown and gold team won on Friday.
This weeble wobble is pictured in its new habitat – the inglewood hotel.
Thanks Midnitemoose for being such a good model.





Etsy love

So another knittingless weekend meant I spent a lot of time browsing etsy.

And I put together some treasury lists.

yarn in a tea cup

and this one

all things doctor who and knitting

I am totally into rings at the moment, even though they really don’t suit me.

This shiny one is my favorite


So many pretty yarns


Knitting goodies

I love getting presents in the mail!
Particularly knitting goodies.

The lovely piper and rory designed a custom bracelet for me. I already have a Port Adelaide, a Buffy, a Doctor Who, and a Harry Potter cuff. Knitting was feeling left out.
So I got the phrase ‘i knit, therefore i am’.
With the only guidance being ‘something scripty’ I am so pleased at the way it turned out.
It’s like she read my mind.

And it arrived the same day as some sock yarn from whorled domination.
All of the pretty colours!
I really wanted to buy some yarn from a local supplier, buy local. So this is what I found.
Unfortunately it appears that the seller is unwell – so I hope that he (assuming from the name) recovers quickly and nothing is too serious.

I’m still fondling the yarn and will sleep sweetly tonight dreaming of all the sock yarn possibilities.




Grr Argh

I just bought the cutest thing!!!

And I think this officially makes me a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan.

Any regular Buffy watchers would know the zombie that crosses the screen at the end of every episode. Well now that sound is my email ringtone (check out this post on how to convert mp3s to ringtones, and used a free YouTube to mo3 software to grab something off YouTube) and I wear this bracelet on my wrist.

Justduckydesigns is the shop and I am super impressed. I absolutely love it!! And now have my eye on a pair of doctor who bowtie earrings





Sunglasses and bows

This is probably my favourite DIY.

Super easy. All you need is a wire coathanger and voila! Instant storage for sunglasses and hair bows.

It doesn’t work so well for bows on bobby pins, but anything with a clip works well.

It’s currently holds my trio of modcloth sunnies. I love floral sunglasses.
A collection of hair bows from around the place, but the big striped one I found in a boutique in Mandurah. It’s from the Davie Bow-ie collection. I just couldn’t resist.




FO: Bow Pouch

One thing I have learnt from reading knitting blogs and spending time on ravelry is that FO is a finished object.

And this is something I finished off recently
It’s this little bow pouch
It’s really cute, the only thing is I don’t know what to use it for yet.
It was made using Moda Vera Cardellino, that I had frogged from the <a href="https://polkadotsandsparkles.wordpress.com/2011/07/27/frog-it"hat that wasn't.

It didn’t take that long. It’s probably a little bit bulky in the Cardellino, so I may have to make some more in a less bulky yarn.
But oh so cute.



knitting as jewellery

I don’t like knitting swatches. There i said it.

Every knitting publication tells you that you need to knit swatches in order to know the gauge of your knitting and to get the correct tension.
As a novice knitter i have (perhaps to my detriment) never knitted a swatch.

Instead i have “designed” a few “trial” projects that keep me interested whilst learning a new technique.

The latest little project is a knitted cuff i made with the spare moda vera cardellino wool that i made two beanies from.

On 6 pt double pointed needles, i casted on 24 stiches.
I then knit 2, purl 2 in rounds until it reached 5 cms.
Then bound off.

It probably took me an hour to knit, so it was on the quick side. But i’ll be making a few more to practise knitting in the round.

I think it’s really cute, and it’s better than knitting swatches that no one will see. Even if it doesn’t quite have the same advantages.