I may be the last knitter around to cast on Hitchhiker going by the project page on ravelry. But last year I told my mum I would knit her a pattern of her choosing and that’s what she chose.
She has been grateful for some truly awful knitted gifts from when I first started, and I’m trying to even the score.

So I cast on Hitchhiker with a bamboo viscose yarn, which is really nice to knit with.

So far I’ve ripped it back 3 times. Only a knitter knows just how difficult counting to 6 can be.



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The bluest blue

This was meant to be a post about how it’s 2 days till doctor who and I made a lovely hat in tardis blue. But then my
circular needle came loose.
And I realised I can’t keep track of a pattern.

So instead it’s a not so finished object. And now I have to buy another 6mm hat circular.
But when it’s finished……….




I want to knit all the things!

I have so many different projects on my needles at the moment.

I have a meerkat which is all ready to sew together, but I just don’t want to. Sewing up is my least favourite part of knitting.


I have a pair of fingerless gloves for my grandma in law. She lives down south where it’s colder, and reads on her kindle at night. So she needs something to keep her hands warm, but allows her to read. She is also one of the most amazingly creative souls I know. She is an sculptor, a sewer, a painter and makes some wonderful multi-textured artworks which I really ought to show you some time.
So she will really appreciate the work put into handmade gloves.
I don’t mind knitting for people who love my gifts.


I’m still plodding away at Parcel. This week hasn’t been conducive to cables.
At some point it will all click again and I’ll spend a whole week knitting it, but this week was not that week.


I also have my 10 stitch blanket and mini-mania on the go. Plus some other top-secret non-knitting projects (stay tuned!!)
All of this wants me to cast on something new!
But I’m resisting the temptation.

(This is typically the time when CaityRosey does one of her amazing posts showcasing all the pretty patterns she’s found this week – but I will resist. Just looking at all the pretty knitted dresses is testing my resolve)

Happy Knitting!!!


Favorite things.

I’ve been making some progress on my Mini Mania scarf which I started just before Christmas.

This is the reason that I blog. I always forget how much progress I make, particularly on these long projects.

This scarf is taking ages. Mostly because I keep looking at how pretty it is rather than knitting it. That and getting into a rhythm of knit one slip one takes a bit of doing.

But this week I’ve needed something distracting but simple whilst I’m at home with uterus trouble.

Here are some of the other things keeping me sane this week.

There’s no milk in the house, so fruit tea is brilliant. This is one of my favourites. (Plus polkadot cup!!!)


Tim Tam mini packs are fab. My sweet tooth comes and goes depending on the time of the month. It’s also a great way to try out new flavours. Turkish delight is my favourite chocolate. Can’t wait to try them.
Plus a heat pack is essential.


Harry Potter is all I feel like watching, so I’m watching them all!!!

And of course knitting. It’s a great distraction.




Next Step Sock Sockalong

I’ve gone a little cable crazy. I’ve cast on two cable projects in the last week, one of which is dangerous turns.

These are a good candidate for the Next Step Sock Sockalong (hosted by crafts form the cwtch and is about stepping out of the sock comfort zone and trying something new).

Firstly I’m knitting these out of cotton. Which I haven’t knitted with before. I have no idea if they’ll make nice socks but I wanted to give it a go. I’m a bit tired of using Noir all the time and I’ve promised myself not to buy it again, but I was in Spotlight and wanted instant gratification yarn, so I bought Panda Regal 4ply Cotton.

Secondly I’m knitting cables without a cable needle. I’m a cable beginner, who naively assumed that there was only 2 types of cables.
Well there aren’t. And last week they had me beat. The tutorial I used didn’t cover what to do when there was purling involved. And stubborn old me wasn’t about to use a cable needle.

Fortunately the answer came to me in a dream.
After nearly throwing them across the room, frogging them, and sobbing into my cotton, I wisely decided that I would sleep on it.
After dreaming about knitting (is this common?) I had the answer.

All of a sudden the cables fell into place and I knew what to do.
So I manually transposed the stitches. Once I had done that I could knit and purl as I pleased.

And then last night I figured out how to do it in one clean swoop, the grumperina way. And it seems so simple I don’t know why I didn’t get it before.

So these are my next step socks.
I’m hoping now that I’ve got the cables figured out for good and the early cables don’t look too rubbish in comparison.
Or that I forget it all and can’t figure it back our.
Or that I have actually ‘got it’ and haven’t just made something up which doesn’t work.

Eep, maybe I’m not as confident about cables as I thought I was!!



A scarf in the middle of summer

I cast on this scarf over the weekend.
Now it’s forecast to be 40 degrees on Christmas Day, and I’m casting on a thick winter scarf??


I put it down to the cold which I’ve somehow managed to catch.
Having a cold in winter seems normal, you get to rug up, drink lots of tea, and you always know if you have a temperature.
At the moment I’m not sure if I have a temperature or am reacting to the temperature outside!

So I curled up with the aircon on, made some stewed nectarines, and cast on a scarf.

Although its very slow going, so maybe at the rate it will be done by next winter!




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Frogging Friday.

I was always taught pride comes before a fall. Mostly through Enid Blyton novels, and Sunday School.

After feeling so chuffed with myself, for thinking I may have been able to make a pair of socks in a week, I failed.
Not just made a tiny correctable mistake, I failed.

I didn’t follow the pattern correctly and had too few stitches in the toe.
To compensate I increased randomly in the foot of the sock. In hindsight this is where I should have started the gusset.
So I started the gusset massively late.
When I tried it on to start the heel I started early (again to compensate). Stuffed up my maths with turning the heel which meant I had one really lopsided heel.

And when I tried it on it was about an inch too big.

So the project got flung across the room and a few expletives hurled at it.

I frogged it back to the toe and started again from there.
6 rounds in I realised that it still looked wrong and I gave up.

The next day I started again from scratch.

Just when I thought I was getting the hang of this and getting cocky I realise the value of slowing down and reading instructions.

When I was in primary school (and occasionally in high school) there was a test. It consisted of a page or 2 of instructions. The first instruction was to read through all the instructions and then follow the instructions.
Usually the instructions were things like ‘stand on your chair’, ‘say or sing something out loud’, ‘turn around 3 times’, but the last instruction always read ‘now that you’ve read all the instructions, sit down quietly and don’t so anything’.

It was meant to be an exercise in following instructions. It inevitably turned into people sitting smugly, watching other people making fools of themselves.

By the 2nd time a well meaning teacher instituted this test, my first action was to skip to the end and read the last instruction.

Obviously I was a smart arse and should have paid attention to the actual lesson.
It may have resulted in a finished sock instead of a frogged* sock.

*for those non-knitters who are utterly confused, ‘to frog’ is to unravel a piece of knitting, or rip-it (ribbit) back.


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Grr argh

I’ve been a cranky person all week. Really massively cranky.

Cranky panda, temper tantrum, hissy fits, grrrrr!!!!!

So I cast on socks. (Once my headaches subsided).

It’s horrible, squeaky acrylic which I bought because I liked the colour. Fortunately I do still like the colour because the acrylic is annoying me.

It’s sport weight and surprisingly not stretchy at all. So I’ve had to increase it a bit after trying them on.

But the colours are pretty. Like icecream. Not that I’ve ever seen grey icecream. I think it’s just the pink.

I’m planning on doing the heel and cuff ribbing in the same grey as the toe. The toe which I did too much of.

Cranky I tell you.

But the weekend is just around the corner, and I have rounds of stockinette to keep me sane.



(Frogging is also good for the crankies)

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