I make mistakes (sometimes) (quite often) (a lot really)

And so a long weekend passes with plenty of football, season 6 of Buffy, and a bit of knitting.

I finished my ‘sexy vesty’ which is rediculously too short. Almost a midrif vest. But really who else can I blame but myself.
I finished a pair of socks (which I knitted two together) but failed at the last minute by opting for a regular bind off instead of super stretchy. They’re super difficult to get on now. Lesson learnt.
I also started two scarves but frogged them both because I didn’t like what they were doing.
It sounds like a bad knitting weekend but it wasn’t. Ok it was, but it didn’t seem like it at the time.

I also discovered knit princess and am now in live with this comic.

I’ve never been an avid reader of web comics. My dedication has only really been to queen of wands and it’s sequel punch n pie.
And scenes from a multiverse for entirely different reasons.

But knit princess speaks to me as a knitter.
I particularly enjoyed her camping series (even if I don’t agree with it). Some of the comments are very insightful too.

So I went to sleep last night peacefully dreaming of knit stiches, pretty yarn (I bought some from etsy a whole back and am not so patiently awaiting its arrival) and knitting comics.



Does anyone know how to get rid of that hole when rejoining the heel to the rest of the sock? Or is it a curse of toe-up.
I had forgotten about that knitting mistake.


A star-crossed slouchy beret

So this hat caused a little drama.
Not because of the pattern. The pattern is gorgeous, well written, easy to follow and easy to knit.

It was because I ran out of yarn, with only 3 decreases to go.
And I wouldn’t have run out of yarn if I hadn’t have cast on so tight I couldn’t get it on the other side of the circular needle and had to cut it off.

So it was back to spotlight to buy more yarn. And it has been discontinued. Arg!!
Fortunately for me I had a call the next day saying they had called around and there was a ball left at another store and they’d order it in for me.
Yay!! Thanks Spotlight Midland – much appreciated. Great service.

So I was able to finish my hat, remove my letter box key, and now I have almost a whole ball of Moda Vera Ella to make a matching scarf, or maybe gloves.
It’s such a pretty colour and a really easy yarn to work with. It’s a shame its discontinued really.

But where does the letter box key come in?
This was the knit I took on the train to mandurah for the football game.
And as soon as I hopped on the train I lost my stitch marker. There was no hope of finding it (it wasn’t special in any way) so I searched my bag for a suitable replacement. And that was my letter box key.
Which would have been fine if I hadn’t have run out of yarn!
So for the week, out went the knitting to the mailbox. After my trip to spotlight I replaced the key with a proper stitch marker.

But it is a super cute hat and I will appreciate it even more for all the drama.





Crazy cat lady

So crazy cat lady is one of my beau’s nicknames for me. And I call him my crazy cat.

And then on my twitter timeline I found it! My crazy cat pattern.

So now I’ve started knitting cats.

Crazy cat lady here I come.

The black one is Snowball and the grey one is Lucille.
Snowball because of the Simpsons and because I mucked up the pattern and it looks a bit like a snowball. It’s my Buffy cat because I was watching a lot of Buffy whilst knitting it and there’s a black cat in the credits.

Lucille because of Arrested Development and because it’s fun to say ‘loose seal!’





FO – Sockhead

I have one more hat in my collection now.
Its a .
It’s too cute.

The warns us that there is a lot of sockinette (a lot), but I didn’t mind that as much as the rib. I don’t know if there’s a technique that I need to learn, but rib takes me ages. Maybe if I switch to continental it would be easier? I don’t know. I should do some research.
But everytime I do research on knitting I end up getting distracted by pretty colours, or pretty patterns. And end up forgetting what I was researching in the first place.

Anyway, I love this hat, and can see many more in my future. Even just because it was the perfect project to take on the road.
This hat has seen a few awesome bands () and was .
Now for the weather to get a little colder. It’s going to be perfect to put my hair up into, it has plenty of room in the back.

Slouch away!






My hands get cold sometimes

Even if it is the middle of summer, I work in an air conditioned office.
It’s actually a new office as I changed jobs late last year. As its a bigger office there’s more people, and more people means more air con.
I love the Aussie summer. I prefer to be hot than cold. I don’t think I’d survive in a climate which goes below 10degrees too often.
But I do agree it’s easier to rug up and get warm, than force an entire floor of people to drop to air con levels.
So in the middle of summer, when it’s 40 degrees outside, I’m dressed in thick stockings, cardigans, and fingerless mittens.
And these are the cutest I’ve made.

They’re a Ravelry pattern, (surprise, surprise) and I knitted them up over my new years holidays.

The yarn is Moda Vera Ella, and the pattern is thesebuttoned fingerless mittens.

I didn’t put the buttons on as they didn’t look right. But the colour looks like fairy floss to me and I love them.






Sockhead Hat – wip

This is my in progress item.
It’s the sock head hat. It was chosen for its mindless quality, given that it’s 5 inches of 2×2 rib and then 9 inches of sockinette, knitted in the round, it’s perfect for stop start knitting.
It’s called sockhead because it’s made from sock yarn on 2mm needles (well the pattern says 3 but I only have 2 so they’ll have to do; I have a feeling it’s a very forgiving pattern). I’m using Moda Vera Noir in Purple.
It was started on the Thursday before Southbound, and is still going now.
Here’s a couple of in progress shots.

It’s very pretty so far.





FO- Toe up socks.

So, toe up socks are awesome.

These waterfall socks were recommended to me by knitting on circular needles when I was having a twitter conversation regarding socks. Now I don’t think I’ll go back. I learnt the turkish cast on for a trio of baby socks for my nephew (I’ll have to show you those, they are adorable), and then went chasing patterns for grown-up toe up socks.

And I love these socks. Albeit they don’t quite match as it took me a while to read the pattern properly. But it won’t take me long to knit up another one. Maybe in a different colour, just for something different (I love odd socks).
And the beauty of toe-up socks is they eliminate one of (what I find) the most annoying parts of a cuff-down sock and that’s picking up all the stiches after you finish turning the heel.
All the information I’ve read about cuff-down socks is that turning the heel is the tricky part, and the rest is straightforward. Well it’s a lie I tell you… Picking up those pesky stiches is very annoying, and it’s always looks like the most unfinished section of my socks.

So toe-up socks is the answer.

The yarn is Moda Vera Noir, in blue. And they’re going to remind me of Christmas, Wuthering Hights, and holidays.





A socking good weekend

Well I’ve kinda finished my Christmas list. That is the list of what everyone’s getting for christmas.

When I say kinda, I mean not really and it’s almost certain to change.

But I did want to make some more socks, so I searched Ravelry for some socks/slippers which could be made using 8ply yarn. Specifically the Moda Vera Marvel I had in my stash.

I found this pattern, and set to work on them Friday night in front of a How I Met Your Mother marathon.

I’m pleased to say I finished them the next morning.

It was some pretty solid knitting, but they were surprisingly quick.

Even more surprisingly they matched!

I don’t know who will be getting them, one of the boys probably as they’re definitely boy sized.
I didn’t actually think they’d fit anyone until my Mister tried them on and they fit perfectly.

Now to make some more.