Stuck in my head – Crush

I actually have had a different song stuck in my head all morning. However when I went to research it (Tokyo Ghetto Pussy – Kiss Your Lips) it reminded me of an even awesomer song from the exact time frame.

Allow me to reveal my age. I recorded this off the radio, from Bad Boy Ben and the Vixen’s top 40 show.
I listened to that tape for ages. Alanis Morisette’s Ironic was number 1 and I loved that song.
I had another Alanis single (on cassette!) but not that, so I taped it from the radio.

I still remember some of the commentary. Bad Boy Ben and The Vixen had a tendency to sing along at the end of songs. They also had a little jingle for song 23 which I sang constantly at the age of 23.

But this was an age before iTunes (in case the cassette tapes didn’t give that away) and so the countdowns seemed important to me. I was that girl with the TV Hits magazines posters of my favourite girl singers Alanis, Jewel, as well as JTT and Devon Sawyer (all the teen heartthrobs). It was a far cry from the impeccable music taste I have now. But there are some songs which I do remember fondly.

So here is Crush – Jellyhead.

Somehow I still remember every word, probably from dancing in front of the mirror with a hairbrush. Yeh I was that girl.


Cooking with lavender – pancakes

I have a lovely lavender plant in my garden. It’s one of the few plants that survived me.
We don’t get many hours of sunlight, but it thrives in the shade.

But after visiting Bridgetown and all the lavender inspired soaps, and oils I’ve been thinking about how I can get more use out of it.

Currently we use it as a mosquito repellant, there’s always some hanging on our outside light.
I’m a mosquito magnet and I notice the difference.
I’ve tried those yellow mosquito lights but they don’t do anything.

Unfortunately I really don’t like the smell of lavender. My hay fever reacts badly to it, and it reminds me of old lady potpourri. So I’m not likely to have it inside the house.
I enjoy citrus fragrances a lot more and the only time my house smells of flowers it’s not by my choice.
But I did a bit of research which is opening my eyes to cooking with lavender.

There’s a chocolate lavender cake which I really want to try, but unfortunately couldn’t get the oven to light.
So instead I made the lavender sugar syrup by itself. Then Instead of putting it on an invisible chocolate cake, I put it on pancakes.

Inspired by that I made a lavender compound butter to go with it as well.
Absolutely delicious.

bek’s pantry pancakes

This is the ‘day before the food shopping’ pancakes, when you have run out of milk, eggs, and can’t be bothered popping to the shops just for that.
So I always have powdered eggs and powdered milk in the pantry. They don’t get used that often, but they’re good to take camping, and for when laziness strikes. Of course you can use 1 egg and 1 cup of milk but it really tastes pretty good for powder. I find it also makes it easier to get all the lumps out.

the ingredients
1 cup plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tablespoon egg powder
1/2 cup milk powder
Pinch of salt
1 cup water

the method
Mix all the dry ingredients together.
Add the water and mix until there are no lumps.
Add more water if necessary.

I always make it in a Pyrex jug, just because that way I can save on washing up.

lavender sugar syrup
the ingredients
1 cup of water
1 cup of sugar
1 sprig of lavender

the method
Combine all ingredients in a saucepan.
Bring to the boil.
Keep boiling until the sauce thickens.
Take off the heat and once it has cooled slightly (because it will be very hot), pour it through a sieve, and serve.

lavender compound butter
This was a whim. But melted on the pancakes it was a whim that payed off.

the ingredients
Lavender (cut into small pieces)
Lemon zest
Lemon juice

the method
Mix it all together.

It really comes down to eyeballing it, particularly when you only want a little bit.

I’m really not an authority on cooking pancakes. In fact I’m shocking at it. So bad that I’ve bought a crepe maker into my arsenal. It always heats to the right temperature and because it’s non-stick I don’t get those first pancake blues, where the first pancake is soaked in butter.
I do love my crepe maker.

I’m now going to be looking for more ways to use lavender in my cooking.






A slice of organic life

I was given this book a few years ago now, and it’s since become a constant companion.

It’s quite light on, but it does give a nice overview about living organically.

It makes me day dream about keeping pigs, and making jam, and living more sustainable.

I’m quite glad that my Mister shares these dreams and aspirations (even if he day dreams of chickens, ducks, geese, and weiros, which would be slightly more useful, but not quite as relaxing for this bird-fearing girl).

Last Christmas I started a trend of all handmade gifts. This year I intend on continuing that, but I do want to diversify. I also want to have those ‘last minute gifts’ handy in the cupboard.

So I spent most of this weekend knitting up dishcloths.
I felt very proud of myself as they were wish homespun yarn from our recent Bridgetown Adventure.

At the time I felt a little disappointed with this yarn, because I just didn’t know what to do with it. It is quite coarse and doesn’t feel nice on your skin; it wouldn’t be good for clothing.
But it is knitting up into dishcloths quite nicely, and I can see them being quite good for exfoliating cloths.

This is why I started looking through that book. I think these would be lovely presents with a home made lavender soap.
I have a lovely lavendar plant in my garden, which is very underused.
Unfortunately this book didn’t have a recipe for soap, but I will make a carrot soup tonight.




what’s in my wallet

Well I don’t carry a handbag. I’m a bit of a minimalist when it comes to going places.
I have a collection of totes from various gigs or online purchases, but if I’m just going to the pub, or out for an evening all I want is cash, cards, phone, keys, and lipbalm.

I’ve spend ages trying to find the perfect way to do this, and I think I’m pretty close.

Kitsch Devine make this gorgeous wallet.

It’s a fabric wallet, and I really want this cat print one!

But I am so happy with mine.

So here’s what I carry everywhere…
Obviously my phone is conspicuously absent – but it fits in their perfectly, even with a case on. So many iphone wallets fit an iphone but only if they dont have a case.
This one fits my phone whether it’s wearing polka-dots, flowers, or the little mermaid (I have a mild iphone case obsession).

Lip balm is essential. Chapstick is always on sale so I usually have dozens of them but can never find one when I need one.

Endless receipts. I don’t know why I keep receipts as I tend to do my account keeping using my bank statements, but I still always end up with receipts.

Emergency panty liner. Learnt from experience.

Cards. The usual drivers licence, bank card, medicare card.
Special cards include my RTR fm subscribers card, spotlight card, and entertainment book card. Yay for discounts!

Business cards. Does anyone else have business cards for their blog? I find they’re really useful when I want to give someone my details, but I don’t want to give them my mobile number. Instead they have my url, email, and twitter handle. I always have a few handy.

Post It Notes. Because they’re really useful.

The heart shaped carabina is there because I sometimes attach my keys to it. It’s not the best solution, but it works.

Noticeably absent –
Bobby pins, usually I have a few tucked away in my wallet.
Money, I’m hopeless when it comes to keeping cash
Pen, I’m probably being optimistic, but I think having a pen tucked in there would be really useful.

So there you go. A little insight into my essentials.
(And check out Kitsch Designs – there’s so many cute things)




I made cushions!!

I can make cushion covers.
I can sew straight seams. Ok well it took me a little while and a I had to unpick a couple, but I got there in the end.

When Spotlight recently had a 30% off everything sale I picked up some quilting flats. They’re 40×40 cm squares and pretty much made for cushion making.

Its all straight seams with an opening to put the inserts in.
Pretty easy and ended up less than $10 for two.

(I know that there’s a pretty black polka-dot fabric in there, but I don’t want to talk about it – there was a cushion disaster)

Totally cute and I can’t wait to make more to shake things up. Maybe next time I’ll get a little more adventurous like these gorgeous ones by .

And here’s me trying out spin cam…






The mountain goats @ the bakery

It was a school night. I had a headache (which would last another three days). I understood why the bakery is named the bakery (it was hot).
But in spite of all that I had an awesome night. And bonus points to the bakery for awesome toilets.

It was some awesome pre-show conversation with my sis-in-law (even though the Mr and I aren’t technically married i still think she’s my family).

I quite forgot that Catherine Traicos was playing. I have one of her albums which is pretty hit and miss, but we were really only there for the mountain goats.

And then The Mountain Goats came on.
He is definitely a mad man with a guitar.

If I hadn’t have felt like shit, and if it wasn’t so hot, I could have listened to them chat and play all night.

I would have loved to have seen them play in festival gardens. Comfy couches would have suited them to a T.

I also would have liked to know more of their songs. I though having 4 albums would make me a fan? But apparently not. But it didn’t matter. They sounded exactly as they should.

And that is all that really mattered.

The anecdotes were witty and funny, giving you that sense that they were truly glad to be there.

There’s always that added sense of joy when you hear a band that sounds exactly like they do on their recordings.
That magical voice is just as magical in person.

There were some moments of pure happiness.
And that’s what a band should aim for.
That pure moment when you’re in the audience and you just can’t help but smile. And you can think is how wonderful this music is, where it transports you to, and how you feel while you’re there.






FO – seed stitch cowl

This pretty thing was spotted at In The Pines last Sunday, and last weekend it was finished in picturesque Bridgetown.

Whilst I was checking out Ford House I snapped these pretty pictures.

It’s 100 stiches on 9mm 80cm circular. 2 rows 2×2 rib then seed stitch until its the perfect length. Finished off with another 2 rows of rib.

If I was to do this again I would skip the rib.

It’s knitted using Moda Vera Shiver. It’s a super squishy yarn which is really easy to knit with.






Going camping

About this time two years ago, the better half and I were on a four week camping holiday where we drove from Perth to Adelaide and back.

So most of the last month I’ve been reminiscing about where we would have been this time last year, and it’s given me the camping bug big time.
We were always planning to go away this weekend, but we were both able to get the time off between Anzac Day and the weekend as well.
I’m pretty excited. It will be our first longer-than-two-day holiday for quite a while. Especially since we’ve both started new jobs within the last year and neither of us took a break in between.

So unexpectedly being able to have a 5 day holiday is all kinds of awesome.
Except we have to go into planning mode pretty quickly. Fortunately we’ve got most of it down pat.

So I placed a food order last night, and more importantly quickly cast on a pair of two at a time toe up socks. I would like to have some socks on the go, but the cast on requires a bit of concentration. So hopefully I can get the toe increases done tonight and then i’ll take that, my green cowl, my blanket of doom, and possibly even cast on another sock-head hat just for good measure. Or maybe that’s a bit too much. I’m not sure! I mean it is only 5 days. And we are taking our bikes, and fishing rods, and possibly hiring kayaks.
Maybe I’m overthinking this. Actually I know I’m overthinking this.

So I have the food sorted, and the knitting sorted. Now all I need to do is actually pack and get down there and start enjoying the impromptu holiday.

On second thoughts – I have sock yarn for my blanket, I might just take my sock-head hat needles, just in case.

I will return to my regular scheduled posts next week. Depending on mobile coverage I may be able to post some photos.
Everyone have a safe Anzac Day – Lest We Forget.

And some nostalgia from our Adelaide trip.
This is what camping is to me.





I have no voice to speak of

Well the weekend got off to a bang when I made another hairpin skirt.
Then a yarn sale! Spotlight had all their yarn reduced so I picked up some more sock yarn (you can never have enough sock yarn!) and some Moda Vera Shiver in green.
Then it was back home to watch the football (port had a pretty dismal loss – with a very sickening injury in the last 30 seconds), and then go out to watch the football. The hawks – eagles game was very strange. And hawks lost which really sucked.
But at least it stopped raining after the girl next to me bought a $5 poncho. She was not impressed.

Then Sunday was spent In The Pines.
RTRfm is Perths community radio station, and they do a lot to promote local music. And in particular bands that wouldn’t otherwise have a voice.
And it was a tops way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
Lieing on a picnic blanket with a couple (ok three) bottles of wine, some good music and great company.
In particular I think it might have been a first for a couple of the heavy metal bands to have someone knitting in their audience.

Dancing like a mad person to San Cisco, swooning at the sexy violin playing of The Kill Devil Hills, and rocking out to Sugar Army were the highlights of a wonderful day. Very impressed with the way it was organised and looking forward to going along next year. 20120423-130148.jpg