Maybe next year…

It was thrilling finish to Wednesdays game to put the Perth Sorchers into the semi final (watch it below and just imagine a green haired girl in the stands jumping up and down, hi-fiving everyone in sight.)

Unfortunately Saturday night’s grand final didn’t quite live up to expectations.

It was a bit of a fizzer if I’m honest. There was no buzzer beater, no heroics, not much of a fight at all. We knew quite early on that Perth didn’t look like winning.
But that’s allright. I mean it’s not like Perth hasn’t lost a grand final before. Oh wait! We did this last year too!

Still it’s not all bad news. The end of Twenty20 cricket (3 hour matches) means that Sheffield Shield (4 day matches) and Ryobi cup (1 day matches) start again. That’s the real cricket.
The longer forms of the game don’t attract the same crowds that Twenty20 does but that’s a good thing.
There’s less queues, less chance of sitting behind someone wearing a huge hat, and less chance of being stuck in the vicinity of the ‘wannabe commentator’.
(I sense a blog post brewing about the 10 most annoying types of people who go to sports events.)

I’m a grumpy old woman sometimes.
Ok a lot of the time.

Here’s my grumpy self after the game.
If you look closely you’ll spy Finished Object #2!




I only had photos of me and my favouritest girl in the world. I hope she doesn’t mind.

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So where do I start?

I rocked in the new year with my bloke, my best friend, and Sugar Army at the Rosemount.
We managed to get a taxi without incident, so it went down as one of the better New Years. I think the trick is to go in with low expectations and let it confirm or exceed them.



The cold I caught over Christmas was starting to go away which was promising.

It was then a day of watching Series 3 of Downton Abbey, including the Christmas episode! I desperately want somewhere to talk about this without fear of being all spoilery. I then rewatched all of series 1 and 2. I had forgotten just how soap opera-y series 2 got. I’ve become hooked on Billy Doux episode recaps. They come with a historical context and fun facts around each episode.

Then 2 days in Margaret River touring wineries, playing scruples, and enjoying a mini-break.


Isn’t that cat adorable? I wanted to take him home, but ended up coming home with this guy, who is totally adorable. (It’s a cow from the Cowaramup brewery)


Then Southbound!
Two days of camping, music, friends, and frivolity. And dust, and dirt, queues, greasy food, low phone batteries, and accidentally stepping on beer cans. Ouch.

But I couldn’t start the year any other way. Django Django, Two Door Cinema Club, Bombay Bicycle Club, and Maximo Park were my highlights.
That and bringing our own shade was the best decision ever.

I can’t wait to see who’s on next year’s lineup – although my ticket folder is looking rather full with a Laneway and Perth Festival having awesome lineups.




It wasn’t all fun and lollipops though.
Max, our pet pinchie, fell to a broken filter. Our 4 fishies (Richie, Tony, Bill, and Ken) managed to survive.
Tony Greig (the namesake of one of our fishies) passed away over the time as well. There were some very tearful tributes during the Sydney test match.

My little brother, fell off his motorbike on the way back from Southbound and luckily had only minor scratches.
I never expected to start the year off with my first ride in an ambulance.

It certainly could have been a different first blog post for 2013, so I’m incredibly grateful that it’s not.


On the knitting front I’ve already notched a few finished objects, which I shall share on Friday.
I think I’m having enough trouble choosing photos for this post already.

It’s good to be back!


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The Guildford Village Tea Room

On our weekends adventures we may have just stumbled across our new favourite breakfast spot in Guildford.

Guildford is one of those old suburbs in Perth. It’s main strip has all kinds of vintage and antique stores, which we explore from time to time. It’s a place that’s full of character and is frequently a stopping point when we have errands to run in the Eastern suburbs.

We have tried The Lounge Room before. And although it had the pancakes I was looking for, the Bloke’s meal was cold and uninspiring, which he hasn’t forgotten about quite yet.
So we’ve been eating at the Guildford Milk Bar which I think is very uninspiring.
My favourite breakfast is eggs Benedict so if a breakfast spot doesn’t make them, it’s an automatic fail in my book.

In the spirit of compromise we tried, The Guildford Tea Room.
I had my eggs Benedict (although with smoked salmon instead of ham, and bread instead of a muffin, and with cream cheese instead of hollandaise; so not really a Benedict if you look closely) and my Bloke had his ‘big brekky’.
And we were both happy.

My eggs were gooey and the smoked salmon almost melted on my tongue. The bread was what I think was a rye sourdough. It was my sort of dish. My only complaint was the spinach was a little stringy almost like it was been overwilted.

The bloke had fried eggs, on plain white toast, with crispy bacon and a hash brown. And he was quite chuffed. While I’m always looking to try something new, he likes his breakfast on the traditional side with none of this “gluten free, organic, low fat, wanky tosh that’s infecting breakfasts everywhere”. (It’s a direct quote)
So without even knowing, they managed to please two very different breakfast eaters.

My tea was hot, his coffee was lukewarm. We were both happy.

It’s not going to set the world alight, but for a Sunday brunch it ticked both our boxes.
We also had to wait before being seated (not too long though), so other people must like it too.

We look forward to seeing you again.
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All fun and games in the circus

About 4 weeks ago I had a disturbing conversation with my Father.

It was my Bloke’s birthday so we were going out for dinner that night. My parents were wanting to get him a present, and they wanted to make sure that we were free on a certain night.

Of course my mind went into over drive, wondering what they could possible buy us tickets for that we wouldn’t already have tickets for.

My bloke hates musicals with a passion, he even dislikes the musical episodes of his favourite tv shows, so I was hoping it was nothing like that.

And we have just bought season tickets to the Scorchers and our 5 day test match tickets, so sporting tickets were out of the question.

So I was very much perplexed and left wondering what they could possibly have bought us tickets to.

Well it was tickets to the circus! The Great Moscow Circus was in town, and so on Saturday night we went along.

We both had such an enjoyable time.
There was clowns, knife throwing, acrobats, trampolining, and even little horses (which I was very conflicted about. They’re so cute! But they’re trained animals!).

The grand finale was 5 motorbikes in a tiny enclosed space. I know enough physics to know how they stayed up there, but still! It was impressive.

We would never have gone to the circus ordinarily but I’m glad that we did.






A day at the cricket

It should be no secret that I love cricket.
Test cricket will always be my favourite, but with the twenty20 world cup on at the moment, and season tickets to the Perth Scorchers acquired, I do enjoy the shorter forms of the game.

And the Ryobi Cup kicked off WA’s first game for the season, and even though we didn’t win (and we’re not looking likely to win our Sheffield Shield game that’s in progress), it still makes me feel like summer and international tests are just around the corner. Which is always exciting.

These are photos taken with my new camera. It’s not quite a dslr but it’s a step up from my phone and the free GE point and shoot I won some time ago.

I’ve been using it for a little while now, but I still have a lot to learn. But I think these photos turned out pretty ok.
(and my camera is pink!!!)








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Polka-dot vintage markets (how could I resist)

With a name like that, how could I resist?

With an equal share of crafts, antiques, and vintage clothing it was something I was keen to check out.

And I found a few gems.
My favorite being Kate’s tea pot hats.

They were so beautiful. And she has a new etsy shop which has just opened! It’s full of delightful tea pot hats.




Aren’t they pretty!

There were so many pretty tea pot related beauties.
I also spied these wind chimes.



There were tea cup bird baths as well!

And so many pretty tea cups!



And not so pretty ones.


But I only came home with one.

There’s another one in Perth in November. Perfect for all my Christmas shopping!



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The blanket of doom!

Ok. These Friday posts are turning into a Dr Seuss story (here’s me knitting on a train, here’s me knitting on a plane, would you like green eggs and ham).

So here are some knitting goodies that I found the other weekend.
My local second hand shop has just closed. It’s on the way home between the train station and home, and I always look at the pretty things in the window.

I’ve bought some pretty tea cups, and my tea pot from there.
It’s been there as long as I can remember. But it’s closing so I had one last look through.

And I found some hidden treasures.




Aren’t they wonderful?

It reminds me of that great scene from coupling when the ladies are describing a man’s hottest on a scale. Knitting pattern guy is quite high on the scale.

And of course here are the obligatory updates on the baby blanket.



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