Tallest Man on Earth

I have a whole post and analysis written for the support bands mostly because I wrote it at the time. But I don’t have any such analysis because Kristian Mattson was amazing.

I was standing on one leg all night to see him and it was absolutely worth it.

It was a magical, wonderful, enchanting performance.




Gig – Heart & Def Leppard

They weren’t great seats, but they were free. It helps knowing people, well the best friend knows people.

I’m not a massive fan of Def Leppard, it’s not really my taste, but my bestie comes to so many gigs where she doesn’t know the bands that I want to go with her to see her bands.

I saw Def Leppard when they were here a couple of years ago, Cheap Trick supported them and were awesome.

This time Heart were the support act and they were fricken awesome too.
The lungs and the voice blew me away.

We arrived just as they were playing Led Zeppelin – Rock and Roll which she belted. And then belted everything else.

The pianist had awesome pigtails, and on their first trip to Perth it looked like they were having a ball.
They spoilt the locals with a cover of John Farnham’s You’re The Voice, and played the one song I knew Barracuda.

But they were an absolute pleasure to listen to.

Def Leppard were also there to rock.
Crowd pleasers such as Love Bites, Let’s get Rocked, and Pour Some Sugar almost got Perth out of their seats. Why we don’t stand up at concerts is beyond me.

And why Pour Some Sugar wasn’t the last song confuses me as well.

But it was a balmy night, with some rock and roll.

Please enjoy some really far away phone pics.






A footy game, a gig, and 5 days of sleep

…and you will know us by the trail of dead… was absolutely epic on Sunday night.
Words can’t even begin to describe it. That moment when you hear the riff to one of your all-time favourite songs, surrounded by people who love them aswell.
I may have screamed a little.

Between that on Sunday night and the football on Friday night I slept.
And slept.
Like Rip Van Winkle type of sleep.
I’m still not 100% but I’m back at work. I lasted at work yesterday for a grand total of 45 minutes of everyone telling me that I looked awful so I went home and slept some more (and watched some bad television).

Lets hope the new rapture album, a spotlight catalogue, project runway Australia finale, and a bowl of mac and cheese hits the spot.
Failing that a hot bath and some hugs from my man (or my dolls which now live in my clean spare bedroom).





On The Bright Side – Perth Esplanade 23/07/2011

I was excited about On The Bright Side for ages.

The prospect of one stage, 8 bands, on the Esplanade is just too inviting.
And with a quality line up, that we didn’t have to miss because of clashes.

It had been threatening to rain all week, but the prognosis on the morning was that the rain wasn’t going to get in the way.
A few pre-drinks at our place, and once everyone had arrived (and it looked like the football was over) we headed towards the train.
An unanticipated stop at the ATM meant that we missed the train that would be just in time for Foster the People.

As it happened we arrived just in time for the end of their set. We walked in as “Pumped Up Kicks” started and the atmosphere was a whole heap of people enjoying themselves which really was the vibe for the entire day.
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Os Mutantes (with Mister and Sunbird) – Becks Music Box (6th March 2011)

The Becks music box is a wonderful location for live music.
Just on the swan river, it’s accessible, the summer weather has been perfect (if not a little hot), and it reminded me what I tell myself every year I need to get more involved in Perth Festival next year.

Beautifully decorated with fairy lights, silhouettes of chandeliers, and littered with cosy couches (seriously, more live music venues need couches), the design was well thought out and gave a real sense of intimacy and warmth.
The drinks lines were short, and even though there was only a few selections available I didn’t hear many complaints about the lack of selection. Myself being a Becks drinker I was happy.
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Mos Def – Metros Perth (27th January 2011)

I must preface this piece of writing by saying that i am not a Mos Def fan.
My boyfriend (mos) definitely is, and has the shoes to prove it.

I like listening to his music. But i am just not all that interested in hiphop or rap.

That being said i thought Mos Def was simply delightful.
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Southbound Monday

Woke up surprisingly chipper.
Well my mates thought I’d be a lot worse, but I still maintain it was those two smokes that hit me. After not smoking for over a year, two smokes is enough. And I don’t get a hangover from smoking.
There was no one in the morning that we really wanted to see, so most of the boys went into Busso, and my boy, marnie, and I went in search of shade.
We wandered around rather aimlessly. Went to the Little Creatures tent for some pizza and listened to a bit of Pond who I like (in moderation, and in the right mood).
Then went into the Paper stage for what ended up being most of the day. Continue reading Southbound Monday