9. Zero 7 – Destiny (147)

i simply love this entire album.
it lets me sink away into another time.
if there’s one theme about my top 20, it’s that they all transport me somewhere. i guess that’s why i love music so much.
it’s transporting
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16. …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead – Will You Smile Again (133)

really in a trail of dead mood today – particularly after they’ve just announced new album set for release Feb 7.
i kinda can’t listen to this song without the prelude ‘ode to isis’ before it.
will you smile again has an awesome start – it was my ringtone for months
but ode to isis just contains everything i love about trail of dead, string orchestras, choirs, (doctor who soundtracks)
and then there’s the first time you listen to the song with headphones, as opposed to on a stereo, and you hear the super creepy
and, you, will, know, us, by, the, trail, of, dead
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13. Portishead – Glory Box (140)

“so tired, of playing, playing with this bow and arrow
gonna to give my heart away, leaving to the other girls to play
cos i’ve been a temptress too long.
give me a reason to love you,
give me a reason to be a woman.
i just want to be a woman”

tempting as is it to just sing along with this, to pour my heart out to portishead as i’ve done so many times before, i have to concentrate.
try and bottle these feelings into a concise post which other people can actually understand, and not just a stream of consciousness about how i never felt like i was anything or anyone, and how this song tried to understand me. Continue reading 13. Portishead – Glory Box (140)

11. Billy Brag & Wilco – California Stars (143)

so the first thing that i do whenever i write one of these, what i now call “songs that itunes said, mean the most to me” posts, is listen to the song.
and as soon as i turned this on i started smiling.
“i like to dream my troubles are away on a bed of california stars”
i put my hands to cover my mouth, look towards the floor, silently smile to myself,
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12. The Butterfly Effect – Aisles of White (141)

Hey, wait, this time it’s not too late
To stop this ship from sinking
Don’t , go, so much you didn’t know,
It’s never what you’re thinking

This is from their Imago album which was released in 2006 – so it’s had a few years to get up the play count. Plus its just an absolutely awesome song.
It starts off so subtly, and all you can hear the pain and longing, until it builds and becomes a cry.
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4. Rise Against – Worth Dying For (169)

Set me off like dynamite strapped tight around my waist
We are the ones in competition but claim this ain’t no race
Take a breath and explode like bullets tearing through the wind
Cut me up with a razor blade that tries to separate the skin

this was one of those songs that was on the set of 4 mix tapes that my boy made me about 2 months into dating; he’s introduced me to a lot of music, and i’ve introduced him to a lot of music. We’ve shared our tastes quite a bit – and we both have similar views about downloading and have massive CD collections which, if we move in together, will become one massive shrine. We’ve already stopped buying duplicates. Continue reading 4. Rise Against – Worth Dying For (169)

1. Children Collide – Say You’re Wrong (262)

Coming in at number 1 with a whopping 262 playcounts…
“i’ve locked myself inside my head until you’ve gone away”

This was the first children collide song i ever heard and i still frickin love it.
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