Pea soup

For when you can’t stand anymore takeaway, but are so tired you put the frozen stock (in the foil packet) in the microwave to defrost.

Top tip! Foil packets can burst into flames when you put them in the microwave. Fortunately they do make crackling noises before they burst into flames. Otherwise this may be a very different type of blog post.

Fortunately I’m not being nominated for a Darwin Award, but sharing a soup recipe.

Add stock, frozen peas, whatever herbs sound good at the time to a pan.

Check to see if there’s any ham or bacon in the freezer. Nope.
Check for cream or Greek yogurt. Nope.

Eat it anyway.
It’s not that bad.



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Try it with more wine

I was bored on Saturday morning and there was nothing on tv. I was bored enough to check out Coles recipe on demand on Foxtel. And it was this recipe. (This is a true story, Coles are not paying me to plug this recipe, as flimsy as this back story may be I really am this bored sometimes).

It is a good recipe. It’s beef ragu with rigatoni. Or in my case tortiglioni.

Really easy recipe, just perfect for those afternoons when the weather is doing its best to convince you it’s winter (even if it should be spring).

This is the way I made it.

the ingredients
Chuck steak 500gm
1 Onion
2 cloves Garlic
1/4 cup Balsamic vinegar
1 cup Beef stock
2 400gm Tinned tomatoes
1 stick Celery
1 Carrot
1 potato

the recipe
Coat the chuck steak in flour.
Fry it in a frying pan. (If you have a casserole dish that is stove proof use that.)
In your casserole dish add all the non-meat ingredients.
Once the meat is brown, put that in the casserole dish.
Put that in the oven for 3 hours, or until it’s stew like.
When it’s ready to serve, cook up some pasta.
Add Parmesan cheese and Bob’s your Aunty.

Such a quick but hearty dish.

Although it was a bit lacking I felt.
I would add some red wine (whilst browning the meat), and probably brown the onion in the red wine.

More wine in general.
And my Bloke wanted more vegies. Some peas maybe, or some cauliflower.
This really is a good base to add things too.

But definitely try it with more wine*.
*if you’re thinking about ‘I am Giselle, I am a french bitch’ you win a red balloon. If you have no idea what I’m talking about you need to watch Coupling. Steven Moffat wrote it. That speaks for itself.




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The Guildford Village Tea Room

On our weekends adventures we may have just stumbled across our new favourite breakfast spot in Guildford.

Guildford is one of those old suburbs in Perth. It’s main strip has all kinds of vintage and antique stores, which we explore from time to time. It’s a place that’s full of character and is frequently a stopping point when we have errands to run in the Eastern suburbs.

We have tried The Lounge Room before. And although it had the pancakes I was looking for, the Bloke’s meal was cold and uninspiring, which he hasn’t forgotten about quite yet.
So we’ve been eating at the Guildford Milk Bar which I think is very uninspiring.
My favourite breakfast is eggs Benedict so if a breakfast spot doesn’t make them, it’s an automatic fail in my book.

In the spirit of compromise we tried, The Guildford Tea Room.
I had my eggs Benedict (although with smoked salmon instead of ham, and bread instead of a muffin, and with cream cheese instead of hollandaise; so not really a Benedict if you look closely) and my Bloke had his ‘big brekky’.
And we were both happy.

My eggs were gooey and the smoked salmon almost melted on my tongue. The bread was what I think was a rye sourdough. It was my sort of dish. My only complaint was the spinach was a little stringy almost like it was been overwilted.

The bloke had fried eggs, on plain white toast, with crispy bacon and a hash brown. And he was quite chuffed. While I’m always looking to try something new, he likes his breakfast on the traditional side with none of this “gluten free, organic, low fat, wanky tosh that’s infecting breakfasts everywhere”. (It’s a direct quote)
So without even knowing, they managed to please two very different breakfast eaters.

My tea was hot, his coffee was lukewarm. We were both happy.

It’s not going to set the world alight, but for a Sunday brunch it ticked both our boxes.
We also had to wait before being seated (not too long though), so other people must like it too.

We look forward to seeing you again.
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All fun and games in the circus

About 4 weeks ago I had a disturbing conversation with my Father.

It was my Bloke’s birthday so we were going out for dinner that night. My parents were wanting to get him a present, and they wanted to make sure that we were free on a certain night.

Of course my mind went into over drive, wondering what they could possible buy us tickets for that we wouldn’t already have tickets for.

My bloke hates musicals with a passion, he even dislikes the musical episodes of his favourite tv shows, so I was hoping it was nothing like that.

And we have just bought season tickets to the Scorchers and our 5 day test match tickets, so sporting tickets were out of the question.

So I was very much perplexed and left wondering what they could possibly have bought us tickets to.

Well it was tickets to the circus! The Great Moscow Circus was in town, and so on Saturday night we went along.

We both had such an enjoyable time.
There was clowns, knife throwing, acrobats, trampolining, and even little horses (which I was very conflicted about. They’re so cute! But they’re trained animals!).

The grand finale was 5 motorbikes in a tiny enclosed space. I know enough physics to know how they stayed up there, but still! It was impressive.

We would never have gone to the circus ordinarily but I’m glad that we did.






Not my usual knitting post

It’s a different kind of finished object.
An edible finished object.

A strawberry to be precise. Grown by my green thumbed bloke, eaten by me.

My bloke doesn’t even like strawberries, but he grows them for me.

It was a bit of sweetness to start a Friday in what has been a very long week. 20121005-073307.jpg


(I did have a massive long post which I wrote one sleepless night this week, but lets just leave it at, it’s been a long week and I’m grateful it’s the weekend coming up)

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Dinner twist week 2

Was not quite as much of a success.

We had one meal following the recipe given to the letter, one meal which we used as guidelines and one which we didn’t make at all.

The curried chicken drumsticks with slaw weren’t all bad (although they left us with quite grubby fingers).
And you can’t go wrong with sausages and mash. However the ‘salad’ which was meant to accompany it I made only for myself, and didn’t eat half of it. The ingredients list was ok, (chick peas, olives, sundried tomatos, olive oil) but it was really bland.

So it’s back to preparing my own meal plans.
I think this would be something I would do if I had a week to myself.
But with ‘the gout list’ being followed a bit more stringently at the moment, it’s probably not the right timing.



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Dinner twist

I must admit I was intrigued.
The concept is a box of groceries with all the ingredients for three mystery recipes.

I was a bit concerned that they wouldn’t really be ‘our style’. We can both be picky eaters about certain things. We both don’t like spicy food, I hate bananas, he doesn’t like rice. Sure the rice thing knocks out a whole heap of dishes, but pasta is an easy substitute.

So we got a box of mystery groceries and three recipes. All three were things I wouldn’t usually think to cook.
One was salmon with mustard baked carrots, a pork curry, and a salami, cottage cheese pasta.

All three meals where delicious in their own way.
But the best thing about it is being able to choose how you want to cook them.

Given that the Mister doesn’t like rice we had the curry with pasta instead. We got spicy Hungarian salami so we swapped it (with a work mate) for some less spicy salami.

Let’s see what we get this week!






I hate bananas (but these passion fruit and banana muffins are good. Apparently.)

It’s horrible baking something that you can’t eat.

I really don’t like bananas. I dislike the smell of them so much that I have been known to throw up.

So while my boyfriend was away for the weekend, the bananas we had in the house got smellier and smellier. They were getting to the end of their life.
I detest throwing out food. So I decided to be brave and make it into something.

So I found a recipe for banana muffins. which looked relatively straight forward.

So I made one variation to the recipe which was to use passion fruit Greek yoghurt.
Apparently this was a welcome addition.

It does feel really weird blogging about a recipe that I haven’t tasted myself.

But I am assured that it worked.

the ingredients
1 banana (mushed)
1/2 cup passion fruit flavoured natural yoghurt
1/4 cup sugar
1/3 cup olive oil
1 egg
1 & 1/4 cup self raising flour

the recipe
Mush the banana.
Add the yoghurt, sugar, olive oil, and egg and mix together.

Add the flour and mix gently (try just 1 cup to begin, but add the extra 1/4 cup if necessary).

Spoon into a muffin tray and bake for 25 minutes in a 180 degree oven.
Or until they look cooked. They should spring to the touch.

I never thought I would feature a banana based recipe on my blog. And I would love to have a non biased opinion on these banana and passion fruit muffins.




Pumpkin Soup in 4 ingredients (or slightly more)

Vegetable stock.

Well that’s how I made this batch of pumpkin soup.

Those four ingredients went into a saucepan until they boiled up and were ready to blitz using a food processor (or equivalent). Adding salt and pepper naturally. And some fresh parsley at the end (or whatever you have growing).

Like so many soups these are the important ingredients.

Although if you wanted to use more than 4 ingredients you could start with some spring onions.
Maybe add some nutmeg or ginger.
Bulk it up with some potatoes.

And go easy on the cream. Don’t just add the whole 500m carton just because you didn’t want to waste it.
Not a good idea.

I know I’ve got this far without addressing what you’re probably thinking. Pumpkin and Apple in a soup?
But trust me. It works well.
I used royal gala apples and it just adds a bit of sweetness and makes it a little special.



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Some of the places we shopped – Melbourne (3)

Well if Saturday was about football, Sunday and Monday were about shopping.

We headed out to Brunswick to meet up with some friends. On our way we had some crepes, before leaving the boys at the pub and going for a wander.

I was a bit uninspired by the shops, but we did stumble across a gorgeous nick-nack shop.
But after walking around for a while we ended up at the pub too.

We headed on to the St Kilda markets where we wandered around but apparently we got there too late as we had missed the yarn stall. Had a couple of jugs at The Espy until the sun went down and we went in search of some food.

We ended up at trunk as it was close to our hotel and we had been there for a drink on Friday. It was such a pretty location, and I was happy with my seafood risotto. I was the lucky one. The Mr’s pasta came out in a paper bag, and was bland and cold. His sister’s boyfriends pizza came out and was impossible to eat without a knife and fork and although the base was hot, the topping was all cold.
When we asked about it we were told, that was just the way it was. Needless to say we weren’t impressed and complained to the manager.
So that meal ended on a sour note.

We ended up at our hotel bar for a couple of quiet drinks where my Mr got his converse shined by the complimentary shoe shining machine.

It was a pretty disappointing ending to the day, which could have been avoided by some decent customer service. Maybe we’re uncultured Perth people but we expect a pizza to be hot unless stated otherwise.

But Monday was Shinsday!!!







Oh and we saw a police car that was stuck on the tramline. It two 8 burly gentleman to lift it off.
We were in a taxi taking photos.


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