An impulse purchase

Somehow when I was buying a couch I managed to find one with built in stash storage.
I didn’t know this when I bought it. But somehow all of my works in progress have gradually migrated to this ledge between the couch and the wall.
It was a brilliant solution.
But I lived with someone who (quite understandably) didn’t think this solution was so brilliant. Mostly because I have a habit of going to bed and leaving my knitting on the couch instead of using the ledge.
Which leads to me hogging the couch when I’m not around.



So look at my new stash storage!!

It was an impulse buy from Bunnings and we ummed and ahhed before taking the plunge.
It does fit the space OK considering we didn’t measure it first.

Now all I need to do it fill it!!!


Which one of you bitches wants to dance?

I’m ticking off 2 items in my 13 in 2013 checklist. I spent the weekend making cushions.

My previous cushions I made are looking a little worse for wear. One got lost in the great cheese fight of Superbowl 2013, the other has been used as a pillow one too many times and as the closure wasn’t exactly stable it now looks like the cushion is escaping from the cover.
I’m hoping an invisible seam will fix the design flaw in my first two. (I used the tutorial on fern and freckle which was invaluable)
Once again I used quilting flats fabric. Not only are they already roughly the right size for a cushion, but they come in so many pretty designs and you don’t need to finding someone to assist you with cutting from a roll. They are really moreish aswell.

I have a notebook that’s getting quite full of sayings/quotes/lyrics that I want to embroider , but choosing which one is still the most difficult part.
This time I chose a quote from Black Books, and a lyric from Neutral Milk Hotel.





Tim Rogers and The Bamboos

The last few weeks my city has become alive. Perth Festival and Fringe World transform my city from dullsville (which is a popular name), into a hive of activity with three new bars in the city, outside entertainment, and mermaids!

Every year I say that I should get out and explore Perth Festival more, and this year I actually did.

Of course I forgot my camera for the first 4 shows I went to.
In all fairness, one of them was Laneway and I wasn’t really keen on taking my camera, and I haven’t got the photos off my Blokes camera yet.

So I only have crappy iPhone photos of Laneway Festival, Stars, Father John Misty, and Sleepy Suns.
But I do have some awesome pics from Tim Rogers to show you.

Tim Rogers is an Australian rock and roll icon. His band You Am I shaped the lives of countless Aussie teenagers with break-up songs, party songs, drinking songs, and everything in between. Being one of these Aussie teens it’s surprising that it was my first time seeing Tim Rogers. So I was pretty chuffed when he put on a good show.
He’s the quintessential showman although, some nights it’s ‘I’ve just drunk a bottle of red wine- lets do this!’, others it’s ‘I’ve just drunk a bottle of red wine- do I really have to go on stage??’.
We got him on a good night, and boy did he put on a show.

As my best friend said “cool is an overused word, but in every sense of the word Tim Rogers is cool”.
Maybe that quote is better when you actually hear it.
Tim Rogers does exude coolness, except when he took off his shirt. That was hot!




listen to the album




FO#4 Dangerous Turns

I had a non-monogamous weekend.
Friday night kicked off with a show at Festival Gardens, and knitted some rows on Parcel.
I learnt how to turn a back cable into a front cable one row after discovering it. Disaster averted.

Saturday night was spent watching Castle, before having a girly night and spending some time with my 10 Stitch Blanket (which is slowly getting bigger after being ignored for some time).

Then Sunday was all about the next step sockalong socksDangerous Turns. These socks fit like a glove.
The only thing I’m not happy about is the cuff. But I’m never happy with my cuffs, they hang of my ankle rather than hugging it.
Somewhere along the line I missed a cable repeat and I’m still deciding how annoyed I am about it.

So I’m not over the moon with these socks. And I haven’t weaved in the ends as there is still the possibility that I will frog them.

I don’t mind them, but I know how they should look.

I’ll look at them in a couple of days and see whether I can live with the mistakes.






Book #1 Coraline

Coraline has been sitting on my bookshelf unread like a lonely little puppy. With lonely eyes looking at me, willing me to put down my knitting, stop watching television and read it.

So I did.
And now I need to buy more Neil Gaiman books.
I always heard that he was a wonderful writer, and now I feel compelled to read more.

The heart of the story is about being brave.
Being brave when you’re scared and you don’t want to be, but you be brave anyway.
I sometimes need reminding to be brave, even if I’m not facing horrible situations, bravery is still necessary.

Book 1 was a good one. What do I read for book 2?




Maybe next year…

It was thrilling finish to Wednesdays game to put the Perth Sorchers into the semi final (watch it below and just imagine a green haired girl in the stands jumping up and down, hi-fiving everyone in sight.)

Unfortunately Saturday night’s grand final didn’t quite live up to expectations.

It was a bit of a fizzer if I’m honest. There was no buzzer beater, no heroics, not much of a fight at all. We knew quite early on that Perth didn’t look like winning.
But that’s allright. I mean it’s not like Perth hasn’t lost a grand final before. Oh wait! We did this last year too!

Still it’s not all bad news. The end of Twenty20 cricket (3 hour matches) means that Sheffield Shield (4 day matches) and Ryobi cup (1 day matches) start again. That’s the real cricket.
The longer forms of the game don’t attract the same crowds that Twenty20 does but that’s a good thing.
There’s less queues, less chance of sitting behind someone wearing a huge hat, and less chance of being stuck in the vicinity of the ‘wannabe commentator’.
(I sense a blog post brewing about the 10 most annoying types of people who go to sports events.)

I’m a grumpy old woman sometimes.
Ok a lot of the time.

Here’s my grumpy self after the game.
If you look closely you’ll spy Finished Object #2!




I only had photos of me and my favouritest girl in the world. I hope she doesn’t mind.

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A scarf in the middle of summer

I cast on this scarf over the weekend.
Now it’s forecast to be 40 degrees on Christmas Day, and I’m casting on a thick winter scarf??


I put it down to the cold which I’ve somehow managed to catch.
Having a cold in winter seems normal, you get to rug up, drink lots of tea, and you always know if you have a temperature.
At the moment I’m not sure if I have a temperature or am reacting to the temperature outside!

So I curled up with the aircon on, made some stewed nectarines, and cast on a scarf.

Although its very slow going, so maybe at the rate it will be done by next winter!




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Always the best of intentions

Every time I go on a holiday or mini-break I have every intention of keeping to my posting schedule and every single time my blog goes right out of the window.

I’ve just spent 4 days (and 1 day at home recuperating) in the sunshine at the WACA, watching South Africa defeat Australia and become the number one test side in the world.
But while the result didn’t quite go our way, it was still a fantastic time.

I learnt that I can knit whilst standing up, and walking. I didn’t quite finish the socks as planned, but I only have the cuff to do.

It was 4 days of not-cooking, sitting outside in some beautiful weather (except the showers on day 1), sharing a few cold beverages with friends (plus meeting some new ones!) and not-working.






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I heart bunting

Well after being in a funk last week I made it my mission this weekend to snap myself out of it.

I ignored all the cleaning I ‘should’ have done, kicked the Bloke out of the house (well he had other things to do anyway), and took myself to the Internet.

That inspired me enough to try some new things (paper embroidery), put some things on the ‘things to make when I have a shed’ list (metal stamping), and finished some projects that were hanging around unfinished.

I made these little heart shapes a while ago, and then didn’t quite know what to do with them.
So I made them into bunting!

It’s such a simple project which really brightened my day!



I also dyed my hair which always puts me in a good mood. Except that it hasn’t worked out exactly. But I’m still grateful that is light teal, and that I can have it this colour all the time.
And it reinforces that I look terrible as a blonde. And that I only have one facial expression when taking photos of myself.



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